Community Round-Up: 01/09/12

So Gazza’s swanning around having a lovely time on a work experience placement, and I’m back in charge of doing the community round-up! So now it’s time to see what TSA’s been up to for the last 7 days.

Pretty natty new competition this week, as we have five pairs of tickets to attend Eurogamer Expo on either Thursday or Sunday. All you have to do in order to win is give us some suggestions of what features you’d like to see TSA put out whilst we’re there. Even if your suggestion isn’t very good, there’s a couple of the prizes to be awarded at random, so no reason not to enter!

MotorStorm: Apocalypse’s Festival competition continues, with results updates every weekend. So keep an eye out for those later today or tomorrow, but in case you need to catch up on things, here’s a link to last Saturday’s news.

There’s a good selection of your usual meets this week, with a few little extras thrown in, which is nice to see.

For tonight, Bodachi hosts the usual Uncharted 3 meet beginning at 7pm. Sunday sees the ever popular DiRT Showdown meet starting at the usual time of 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW.

Out of the blue Crazy_Del wants to play a bit of Madden 13 with someone on Monday at 7pm, while Forrest’s Max Payne 3 meet appears an hour later at 9pm. Forrest is also hosting another DiRT Showdown meet on Tuesday night at 8pm.

That’s all that has been put up so far, but I’m sure we’ll see some Battlefield 3, maybe some Ridge Racer Unbounded and a few more besides popping up as the week progresses. You could always create your own Meet provided you have 250 TSA Points.

It looks like the summer lull of news and previews is over for good. Thank heavens for that!

We only have a single review, in the form of Retro/Grade, the thoroughly backwards game earning a tasty 9/10 from Blair. However, there’s a trio of big previews for Resident Evil 6 and F1 2012 from Peter, whilst I take an early look at what Dead Island: Riptide will offer. Stronghold Crusader 2 aims to be the next title returning from the mists of time and I got the inside scoop from Lead Designer, Simon Bradbury about the project.

For the last few years, TSA has taken a look at what we’re most looking forward to from the upcoming 12 months. Now Kris is taking a look back at what was picked and where it stands now. Five games each day, and so far we’re up to number 76 already! You can catch all the articles here.

Lewis is back again with another entry in his exceedingly popular Abridged Too Far series,  this time looking at God of War: Ghost of Sparta. I’d also be hugely remiss not to mention that the entire series is now available as an iBook or PDF, which you can grab and enjoy at your leisure.

Over on the community side of things and regular features, we round this section out with last week’s Community Chronicle, featuring Matt W’s exceedingly ordered gaming rig. There’s also WeView with the verdict in for Max Payne 3 and currently still incoming for Starhawk. Finally, there’s no podcast this week, but we do have What We Played.

OK, so Death has been totally walking this so far. I mean, he’s Death, right? What or who could possibly defeat him? So I’ve given this a little thought to give him a worthy challenge this week after defeating Niko Bellic 7-1.

I think I have found someone. No, it’s not Kratos, nor is it a god of any kind but a mere Knight named Dante, from Dante’s Inferno. Now in this particular instance I will maintain a strict separation between the two games’ universes. The Death fighting here is from Darksiders 2, not the one from Dante’s Inferno. If you don’t know why, then I shall explain shortly!



  • Uh, he’s death. It’s been his job for, like, forever to move people on from that whole being alive thing. Generally with his scythes, which are pretty cool.
  • Horseman of the Apocalypse must look awfully cool on his business cards
  • Utterly loyal to his brothers in arms.


  • Really sucks at chess. This is how people come back to life all the time, by challenging him to a game of chess.
  • Nice horse, and all, but I don’t see an Olympic gold medal hanging around your neck.
  • Probably doesn’t have many friends. After all, as soon as you see Death, you’re probably about to die…



  • So, Dante kind of refused to die and basically destroyed Death at the beginning of the game. You see why I separated the universes now?
  • Wields Death’s Scythe and a Holy Cross as he delves down into Hell, smiting all that comes in his path.
  • This chap is pretty badass. I mean he’s just sauntering down there to give the Devil a good old kick up the jacksie and free his love’s soul. Got to give him credit for that.


  • Sure, Dante’s good, but we all know where he got his moves from… *cough* Kratos *cough*
  • Having that big red cross stitched into his chest is a bit nuts. Not really a sign of a man in his right mind.
  • There’s more to his journey than there might seem. It’s not all good…

So, do you reckon Dante can defeat Darksiders 2’s Death and keep him out of the hall of fame? Place your bets now!



  1. Urm well yeah I Dante get’s it unfortunately haha

  2. I thought it was battleship death sucked at.! Anyway ill even it up and say death.

  3. Gotta be Dante!

  4. Death gets This. I don’t like clones of the God Kratos

    • didn’t Devil May Cry come first?
      would that not make Kratos the clone?

      • ok, didn’t read far enough, i’m thinking of the wrong Dante.

  5. This is a tough one! I would have to say death just inches ahead this time.

  6. Of the the three Dante’s including the fake one…. meh > Death takes this ones life.

  7. ok now i’ve got the right Dante i can give my view.

    ok so Dante killed Death.
    but clearly that was just early game Death, when he hadn’t powered up all his weapons. and skills.
    endgame death would, i expect wipe the floor with that so called knight.
    who only started all the mess because he slept around on his so called “holy crusade”

    so count my vote as another W for the big D.

    and anyway, one of the first things you see Dante doing in the game is sewing, he’s going down. ^_^

  8. Oh, i thought it would be DMC1-4 Dante when i read Dante before seeing that it’s DI’s Dante. It’s going to have to be Death due to the fact that Death can kill anyone. In theory anyway. But i think Death would have trouble making sure that the player character in Dark Souls and Demon Souls is dead for good due to them being unable to die. In fact, Death must hate dealing with them due to how often they tend to die.

  9. dante is going down!!
    death is unstoppable!

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