Panic Not, SCEA Filed Another “The Last Guardian” Trademark

It was, by all accounts, a mess. Sony had let a trademark slip for one of their most-hyped PlayStation 3 titles, suggesting that the game was done and finished. The game was cancelled, moved to PS4, changed into a kid’s Move title with a story by J K Rowling.

Except, no, it wasn’t, hadn’t, and – well – hardly.


The truth is that Sony had actually filed another application on the very same day [via Twitter]. It’s a new application rather than a renewal, which points to Sony just playing by the rules and accepting that their previous Intent To Use filing had expired.

Because, as we all know, the game hadn’t arrived. An Intent To Use only lasts so long before it becomes abandoned. To avoid this, the holder must push a Amendment to Allege Use or a Statement of Use, neither of which were done on time.

The Last Guardian isn’t abandoned – a clerical error perhaps, but it’s absolutely still a thing. At least in terms of Sony protecting the trademark.



  1. I would play a The Last Guardian Wonderbook…

    • I second that, although I think a Shadow of the colossus Wonderbook would be even cooler. Maybe a mix of all 3 Team Ico games…

  2. At last I can log in!!

    Still hyped about this game, I nearly plat ICO only to be told to get the plat you have to finish the game in 2 hours, it broke a man down & a ps pad

    • Haha, that was the moment when I just stopped caring about Ico trophies. Now I forgot what I had to do next and probably won’t return to the game. ^^

  3. Why is it that SCEA filed the trademark and not SCEJ?

    • This only concerns the American trademark. =)

    • Also am sure Santa Monica also have something to do with the series, they was credited in ICO

      • Santa Monica and Japan Studio are often found credited for working with (to various degrees of involvement) other first and second party developers.
        Both are lending themselves to Team ICO for The Last Guardian, so there’s definitely a lot of resources behind this title.

      • With God of War: Ascention currently in full production, I’m not sure how much staff they can actually spare.

  4. Ok so they remembered to re-apply for the trademark – but worryingly the line producer still left so i hope we hear something official on the game’s progress soon.

  5. The whole Last Guardian saga is insane. How old will I be whenever they finally make this gold?

    Doubt I’d play it now.

  6. Communication mess fueled by journalistic sensationalism.

    @Sion The Last Guardian is the US title, not Japanese.

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