Ten Minute Halo 4 Documentary Shows That 343 Know Their Master Chief


The above video, part of GameSpot‘s “A Hero Awakens” exclusive, shows that there’s plenty of life left in the current console generation, especially when it comes to updates of hugely popular franchises like Halo 4.


343 Industries must be feeling the pressure though, Halo is one of the 360’s most treasured game series and whilst their work on the HD remaster of Combat Evolved was nigh on perfect, this is a fresh slate, and one that they need to get right.

Still, it certainly looks the part – I’m massively excited for this, so let’s hope it lives up to the hype this documentary is igniting.



  1. That was good, I like that they’re focusing more on the characters, all the Halo games this gen have been unimpressive in that department. Halo 1 is still the best in my head. Anniversary was good, but I didn’t like how they’d changed the look of characters like Cpt. Keyes (even if it was to match Reach) and it didn’t come with the original control-scheme which left me confused and continually pressing the wrong buttons (and that after having recently played ODST and Reach aswell).

  2. Did they not use motion capture in ODST and Reach or is it just new for 343? I got the feeling that the facial stuff was new to the franchise from watching.

    • They used motion capture as well as the facial motion capture in Halo:Reach, but not in ODST.

  3. Never really enjoyed Halo games but I have to admit this looks really amazing and I love the ideas they are trying to realise with these characters. Wish more FPS’s cared this much about the players emotions and connections with the narrative.

  4. A lot of people hated on Reach and I don’t know why, the campaign was the best one in the franchise I feel that and obviously CE, There was a lot of focus on the other characters in Reach but they did try to make 6 into being Master Chief, which if he was more his own character it would of been better, but that last level is one of the best experiences I have ever had in a game.

    But the video for this looks really good and I’m very excited for Halo 4 I’ve been drinking way too much Mountain Dew Energy as they’re doing a Halo promo, which my heart condition I might die before it comes out!

    • My view on the game was that, I think reach lost its ‘Halo’ feel. Campaign was ok. Just ok. You can’t really win though with this, it was never going to be as good without Master Chief was it?

      It’s the multiplayer that really disapointed me. It totally lost the feeling that previous games created. Halo 3 leaves you wanting to keep playing, I never once felt that way about Reach Multiplayer. The maps never gripped me, usually when you buy a shooter, you start memorising the maps and they become almost imprinted in your mind. This never happened in reach because I simply didn’t want to, I didn’t ever feel like there was any point. I think that says something about the design of them. Assassinations were a good addition I think, but other implementations like buying armor with ingame credits was silly, I much preffered the style of 3, were you unlock the armor for doing certain things in the game.

      • Reach was there for hardcore fans of the series who had perhaps also read the book. I enjoyed it for that reason – I’d read the book and looked forward to actually playing through the story. But without having done so it would have fallen flat much like ODST – not enough effort into getting the story across.

        I am really looking forward to Halo 4, as for me it has always been about Masterchief and Cortana against the odds. When the Chief is present the story is usually much better too. Not to mention the feeling of being a true badass and the last hope many other soldiers have, with the weight on your shoulders and the odd hero moment where you assist troops that would otherwise die without your presence.

        What I am really hoping for here is that as this is 343’s new (non-remake) Halo they shall poor their hearts into it to making it the best! Bungie were and are amazing, but perhaps it needs the new enthusiasm a new developer would inject into such a gem of a franchise.

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