Far Cry 3 Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay

Over at Penny Arcade’s PAX in Seattle, Ubisoft has shown off plenty of Far Cry 3 gameplay. The video, grabbed by GamesRadar, shows off the radio masts and outposts. These masts work in a similar way to the towers in Assassin’s Creed – when you open one up, it reveals some of the map.

Once you’ve opened up areas of the map, there’s a territory struggle in which you have to capture the outposts and create friendly areas.


Oh, and PETA might not be too happy about skinning dogs and bears in cages.



  1. This shows so much about the game for me, Was watching this video last night and actually had some mixed thoughts on things. One thing I personally did not like is the fact that the bushes and things go through the car where as in Far Cry 2, the car pushed them out of the way (a bit lazy?)
    It gives you so much detail about what happens with the outpost and I love how they have to raise an alarm before reinforcements arrive (the alternate to Far Cry 2 where people knew automatically that you were there)
    Overall though, I cannot wait for the game and The insane Edition = )

  2. I’m seriously excited about this.

    • I have same thoughts as you but I am starting to see tiny flaws which I wouldn’t even care about in any other game.
      It is very surprising though how everyone I see talking about the game is always super excited. Nice change from FC2. : )

  3. looks pretty good, might have to try Far Cry 2 now

    • FarCry 2’s ok, but unfortunately for me it was a very buggy experience. Not just general annoyance bugs, but ones like being unable to destroy a tank of fuel that was the mission objective, and people disappearing suddenly so that I couldn’t capture a safehouse. Those sorts of bugs. I’d just wait for FarCry 3.

  4. I loved Far Cry 2, except for the game-breaking barge glitch.
    Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3 are the two I’m most looking forward to this “holiday”. Well, once I get Borderlands 2 all up in my eyeballs, anyway.

  5. Looks really good, shame I don’t have Far Cry 2 to play through

  6. Awesome. This looks freaking brilliant.

  7. Looks good. I despised FC2’s enemies that seem to be able to fill an outpost seconds after i wiped it out! If i wipe out an outpost i expect it to be a few in game days. And don’t get me started on the superfast people that can track you down regardless of what vehicle you are driving as their jeep seems to be on speed.

    Tis a shame it’s not out this week as it was originally due to be as i would probably buy it. Unless the AI is even smarter/aggressive then FC2’s. :O Oh and i suspect i will be burning down outposts.

    • Personally it’s better that fc3 was pushed back with borderlands 2 right around the corner.

  8. Love the look of this game, much more interesting than the two military based shooters this year, even though I like how Treyarch mix things up a bit.

    Radio towers unlocking the points of interest, is very Assassin’s & that’s no bad thing. This is certainly my pick this Christmas

  9. Looks lovely! I ordered the edition that comes with a wobblehead as it gives me all the DLC.

  10. great more fekin’ road blocks that pop up outa nowhere…

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