Guild Wars 2 Is This Week’s UK Chart-Topper

While we’re waiting for the full UK sales chart to emerge, it has been confirmed that Guild Wars 2 is sitting in first place, dethroning Hong Kong sandbox spectacle, Sleeping Dogs.

For many this result will come as a surprise. It’s not everyday that we see an MMORPG, especially one that’s free-to-play, romp its way to the top of the all-format charts. With that said, Guild Wars carries quite a legacy on its shoulders, ArenaNet managing to bag positive reviews across the board, not to mention gleaming launch reports.


Expect our full-written review soon.



  1. It’s not really a free to play game. You still pay full price for the game. You don’t actually call a CoD game free to play because you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the online multiplayer, do you? I think it’s a clever business model because monthly fees scare a lot of people off but a full free to play model also has a slightly bad reputation in gamer circles. If I’m not mistaken there are no real money ingame purchases in GW2, which means you get access to the full game with your initial purchase. Their business then revolves around adding new content with add ons that have to be purchased seperately.
    My brother is giving it a go. I’m slightly interested but I can’t seem to find a class that I’d actually want to play and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is approaching and I’d like to give it another try, even though I don’t really have time to play any MMO…
    Oh, and BL2 is right around the corner! :D

    • I agree, it’s not really free-to-play but to people who are used to paying for a game and then paying a monthly sub, it’s close. Of course, that’s how games all used to be…

      • Aye… not F2P at all! Just nice to knock the monthly costs on the head but that’s worked very well for some.

        AG2297 and NemesisPlunderMars have been giving it the seeing to of its life. Supposed to be excellent.

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