PlayStation Plus Goes On Sale This Week

PlayStation Plus is going on sale from this Wednesday in Europe, with SCEE offering PlayStation owners 25% off the current yearly subscription price.

That means that you’ll be able to get access to all the discounts, free games and other goodies that Plus brings (like automatic patch downloading) for just £30 (€37.49).


The most recent free game announcements include Retro/Grade, SEGA’s Hell Yeah! and the epic Red Dead Redemption. PS3 owners will also benefit from the newly boosted cloud storage, now sitting at a healthy 1GB of space.

The offer lasts until the 19th of September.



  1. Boo :( And it auto renewed for me last week *sobs*

    • Me too.

      • If I were you 2 I’d complain, fortunately I have automatic funding turned off because I got screwed out of a tenner for that Qriocity thing when I wasn’t even aware that automatic funding existed on the PS3.

        They shouldn’t be punishing people who have supported Plus from the beginning, but they’re the people who’ll be affected by this. It’s seriously dirty tactics from Sony.

      • Everyone does it. Sky always promotes cheap offers for new customers while existing customers get shafted. It’s the same with internet providers.

      • I know they do and I can see why, but to do this just a week after they know most people will have auto renewed just seems incredibly wrong to me.

    • I suddenly had this image of the Sony bosses laughing manically as thousands of accounts get automatically renewed and a currency counter like a slot machine keeps going up and up… o_O

    • I’ve lived on PSN cards since the hack. Helps that I can often save a quid here and there to keep me doing so, but it means that I don’t have my card details on PSN, and it won’t auto-renew.

      Strange thing is that my PS+ runs out on 12th of December… I know I topped it up when they had a “get 3 months free” offer, an age and a half ago, but I bought on day one, so I’m not sure how it adds up that I have an extra week or two….


    • Wow, I didn’t realise people still left their card details on their PS3. Do you feel comfortable with that?

      • Actually yes I am comfortable with this.

        Much more so than leaving on my card details on my XBOX Live account which got knobbled this year and had to prove to Microsoft I hadn’t been buying points in Dubai.

  2. Lets not be too hasty, its not wednesday yet, we could be waiting for weeks when SCEE are involved

  3. My sub runs out end of year. If I buy this now will that run from then or now?

    • I think Plus purchases are incremental. That is, the year will be added on to whatever you have left.

  4. going to grab another year on top of the 5 months I still have left.

  5. Great offer, can’t belive they’re discounting something which is already such good value but i’m topping up my sub this week for sure.

  6. I was going to renew but thought I would wait.

  7. Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this since the discount was announced. My sub ran out during E3 and I got a 3 month renewal hoping a decent deal would come along.

  8. I’m not a plusser/plusite etc yet, but heard about this offer and got some cheap pen cards off eBay a fortnight ago, its effectively going to cost me £24 for the years subscription

    • Obviously that was supposed to say psn, damn predictive text!

  9. still not bothered about plus. I don’t play enough for this to make it worth buying, even with that excellent discount.

    • Same here. The free/discounted games are normally of no interest to me; I’d rather they hurried up with the new tables for Pinball Arcade.

      Still, this looks a good deal for those who ARE interested – and if I was I’d snap it up like a shot!

  10. Couldn’t have come a better time. My subscription expires on the 14th September, and has always been set up for auto renewal. Good things come to those who wait. :P

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