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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Likely To Land In Europe On The 12th

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game that seems to have skipped one or two of of SCEE’s recent Store Updates, will see a release on the 12th of September.

That’s what the Belgian branch of Sony seems to think, anyway.

Sounds like they’ve asked SCEE’s London office, and got the date that’s just over a week away.

The delay of the game seems to have upset some of late – let’s hope that this one sticks and European PS3 owners can get their shooting on without any more fuss.

Thanks, Richard4481.

Update: amazing, SCEE’s Fred Dutton has stated that London has made no such announcement and the Tweet is false. The original Tweet has been deleted without comment.


  1. Glad to at least have got a date now!

  2. Is this all because of the Languages?

    You would think gamers that play these kind of games do not mind to play them with English sounds and texts?

    Maybe Languages should be a patch mechanism.. Release the English version on the global release date and update later with the additional languages. I think you will see the languages are not downloaded often.

    (Are German games allowed to have Blood in it again or is this still and no-no?)

    • No it’s not: EU people who bought the US version already confirmed all EU languages are already in the US version.

      It’s about the different procedures/legislation in each country.

      But then again, Microsoft doesn’t have this porblem in EU.

      So, basically, it’s all SCEE’s fault.

    • There is blood in the German version as far as I know. I bought it from the German Steam store but the game is in English – with blood.

  3. Hi guys, this has been confirmed as NOT true by Fred Dutton on the eu blog. I feel that sony have ruined any chance of this game getting a decent community on ps3.

    Valve must be seriously pissed off

  4. SCEE are WANKERS again!

  5. I believe we should raise £1000 for charity as a way of protesting then petition to get SCEE to release the extended version of CS:GO for free. :P

    If it was a plot heavy game, then it would be understandable that there would be localising issues but it’s fecking counterstrike. A game that is 100% MP. Plus i’ve heard that the US version contains the EU languages. If that is true then wtf?! Is this going to be a repeat of Trine 2?(for those who missed it, Trine 2 was delayed due to “QA issues” despite it being a copy of the US version and the developer actually telling them that both versions are excatly the same.) SCEE – we only know how to piss people off oh and our boss is actually a kettle, all worship the kettle.

  6. lol a lil too late i got so annoyed with SCEE i went pc gaming now.

  7. Too late. Already got the XBOX version. (Didn’t even realise it was coming out for the PS until the delay reports).

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