“Kevin Butler” Actor Advertising Wii Products

[drop2]Kevin Butler, one of Sony’s better marketing ideas over the last few years, has jumped ship to Nintendo. Or, rather, the actor – Jerry Lambert – who plays Butler, has.

The advert, airing on US television, is apparently for Bridgestone and is some kind of tie-in with the Nintendo Wii.


It’s odd to see such a familiar face holding something that’s not plastered with PlayStation iconography, but then we’ve not heard much from Butler for a while anyway.

The Kevin Butler character is currently still a pre-order bonus on LittleBigPlanet Karting. Let’s see if that changes in the next few days…

Source and image: NeoGAF.



  1. Whilst it was a good campaign, too much of the same gets stale after a while.

    • Sorry, but I cannot follow. With each new SONY/Butler advert, I totally LMFAO and was looking forward to the next one.

      Who remembers the “mind blown” LBP2 advert ?
      “You don’t!” XD!

  2. The KB tweets started out reasonably witty but just became inane noise to the point that I ‘un-followed’ him a couple of months ago.

    Is this a smart move by Nintendo, to tap up the actor who fronted a large proportion of Sony ads? It’s certainly a good kick in the shins to Sony.

  3. Well, that’s up there with (spoiler alert) “no Santa Claus”.

  4. Does it really matter? The bloke is an actor, yes it did well for Sony but you can have too much of one thing before it becomes old and not as funny.

    I really can’t see how this is a kick in the shins for Sony at all.

    • Who said it was?

    • Well the guy was fronting quite a few ads for Playstation so to have him fronting adverts for the competition seems like a kick to Sony.

  5. I don’t know what to say, can only hope he’s filling it with subliminal messages like “It’s not even HD” and “The Move offers superior accuracy”.

  6. If they were using the same character name in the add then it would really screw with sony and im sure they would be very angry about it, other than that i think the kevin butler adds with sony had kind of ended.

  7. I think this is actually really bad for Nintendo.

    A lot of the public know him and symbolise him with the Playstation brand so when he pops up on TV advertising a games console, the general public will immediately think ‘Playstation’.

    Stupid idea Nintendo.

    • I guess it depends on where these adverts would be airing – If in America, you would be absolutely right, but if it airs in the EU for example, a lot of people that don’t frequent gaming sites wouldn’t have a clue who he was.

  8. Techinally, Kevin Butler belongs to Sony so it’s just the actor advertising for Ninty. That said, we will keep calling him KB despite him moving on which could bite Ninty in the arse as he may accidentally cause people to buy a PS3 in a Ninty ad. :O

  9. I need more KB in my life :| Launch more KB adverts Sony and GLOBALLY….

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