Top 100 of 2012 Recap: 70-66 – StarCraft, Binary Domain and Silent Hill

It looks like this bunch of titles could actually all be releasing this year. Usually we’ve got two or three delayed until 2013, or even cancelled, but our countdown from 70-66 should all release by the end of the year.

70 Transformers Universe


We still don’t know much more about Transformers Universe, a free-to-play browser-based MMO set in, well, the Transformers (Prime) universe, which could be a little worrying considering it was pencilled in for a 2012 release.

Developed by British developers Jagex games, the game pits Autobots against Decepticons, with players having to choose a side to fight for. There’s even a website, where you can choose your side right now, but it doesn’t seem to do anything else at the moment.

Nevertheless, it should be fun to play a massive online Transformers game when it finally does release. Hopefully we’ll get some more news soon!

69 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Starcraft is a really popular PC franchise that I’ve never really had a chance to get into. Heart of the Swarm is not only a standalone expansion, but it is also a fully-fledged sequel to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

The game is set two years after Wings of Liberty, with a campaign focusing on the Zerg species, and a new main character, Sarah Kerrigan, who is described as an anti-hero.

The game is allegedly complete, yet there’s still no release date announced, though Blizzard stated last month that a multiplayer beta for the game would be starting soon. Hopefully fans of StarCraft won’t have too long to wait, then, and the game will make it out this year.

68 Quantum Conundrum

I love Portal; the sequel is probably my favourite game ever made. So hearing that a new game, from Portal developer Kim Swift was in the works made me extremely excited – I’m probably one of the main reasons it reached number 68 on our list.

Then I sort of forgot about it – the game came out in July and completely slipped under my radar. Whilst the dimension-hopping gameplay sounded great at first, it wasn’t enough to entice me into buying the game.

But enough about me – the game’s actually apparently quite good. Whilst we never reviewed it, the score on aggregator site Metacritic sits at a great 81/100 for PS3 – less of a success than the original Portal, then, but still a brilliant game in its own right.

It’s definitely worth a look, and whilst the puzzle elements are said to be great, just don’t expect, er, Portal 2.

67 Binary Domain

“Yet another shooter” you sigh. Yes, Binary Domain might seem like another sci-fi shooter, but as we said in our review, where we scored it a brilliant 8/10, “it’s something far more thought provoking than the normal ‘kill those darn aliens’ shooter.”

You see, it’s a Blade Runner-esque take on the shooter genre, with plenty of story in amongst the fun gunplay.

The poor dialogue and pointless multiplayer might let the game down but it has been received very well by all since its release in February, with many positive reviews on Metacritic.

Unfortunately, it didn’t sell very well. Obviously some people weren’t that excited about it like some of the staff were when we voted for the Top 100.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Ah, another Vita game! Whilst Book of Memories might be a departure from the third person survival horror gameplay of the Silent Hill franchise, it looks like a good fit for Vita.

[videoyoutube]The isometric and co-op gameplay should interest both fans and newcomers to the series, though some fans aren’t happy with the seemingly watered-down and much less scary gameplay by the looks of things – the trailers on YouTube, if those are anything to go by, have a lot more dislikes than they do likes.

The game had been delayed, from launch window to May, and then delayed again – it now looks like it’s coming out some time near the end of October.

Hopefully developer WayForward Technologies – who haven’t done anything substantial in the past – have used this time wisely, making the game a faithful handheld adaption of the Silent Hill franchise.



  1. Still wanting to try out Binary Domain, considering hearing it was a decent game. Today it is cheap on teh internets so its rather tempting.

    • Same here, it’s £12 on shopto so i may pick it up but apparently the mp.

      • is dead.

      • This is where TSA meets come into play. :)

        There are a couple of us with it at the moment i think (myself & Del off the top of my heed), but no idea what sort of numbers are required to start a game.

      • Forrest you need at least 6 players to start a versus match. ;)

    • It’s pretty good – I’m not too far through, but what i have seen so far is that this is pretty much the game that Terminator Salvation should have been.

    • Its not really the kind of game I’d play MP for, shame its even it considering its probably forced.

  2. I have it, and would be happy to join a Meet (assuming I’m not working). From the little MP I have played it is decent enough, quite quiet but you can normally get a game. Only problem is that most players are avid fans and have maxed out/prestiged their levels, which makes games for newbs a tad intimidating. But if there were a few of us low-level players in one game ‘twould be fun.

    • So i now know 4 people with it then! :)

  3. I had £9 credit on my shopto account, so i just brought binary domain. :)

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