Xbox Live And Xbox.Com Currently Down

Just a quick heads up – is down (with .net throwing up a nasty runtime error) and the ability to connect from your console is sketchy at best.

Microsoft tell us they are aware of the problem and are working on it right now. “We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue,” they said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.”


The latest Skyrim DLC is expected today.



  1. HACKS!!!! 0_0

    • Ask an ye shall recieve….

      • Bacon?

      • Megan Fox? ^_^

      • Megan Fox wrapped in Bacon?

      • Whilst covered in oil and in a bikini and having giving another woman a massage then kissing her then… *notices he is starting to stray into NSFW terrority* I mean, bacon and her eating it. Yeah, that’s safe enough.

      • I’d stray into NSFW territory with Megan Fox.

        Sounds fun. :)

  2. “The latest Skyrim DLC is expected today.”

    Heh, probably some angry PS3-fanboy hackers who are mad at Bethesda’s shady handling of the PS3 version and it’s DLC’s :P

    • Or Skyrim’s bugs are just REALLY getting out of control…perhaps they’re contagious?

  3. Hope these people that seem to always hate on PSN for being down take notice.

    • Take notice to what? That they lose almost every Wednesday to “maintenance”?

      • Take notice and then do what exactly?

      • I feel that i should make a wank joke here but that is too predictable so instead i shall suggest playing a single player game or watching a DVD or form an anti MS group that goes around throwing eggs at the houses of people who like MS and then get arrested for it. Or take over the world. One of them should keep you busy for a while.

      • All of the above. Shall post links/tumblr images/facebook groups shortly…

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i wanted to spend the day playing all the xbox exclusive games…..all 2 of them :'(

    i’ll be serious now, hopefully its sorted soon i want my Skyrim DLC so i can Fus Ro Dah my adopted child off a cliff.

  5. Seems OK to me.

  6. I know Bethesda can release some buggy stuff but causing an entire network to come down. :O That or it’s been hacked or someone unplugged the server to charge up their zune.

    Suspect it is just a hiccup and they will be able to fix it within the next few hours. If it turns out it’s been hacked by someone who is very pissed off by Bethesda’s reason for no DG on the PS3 then that is pathetic as hacking a network because of a publisher’s decision to delay content to get it in working order is no excuse to hack something. Hmm, i wonder if Bugrim DLC will have the same effects as COD’s DLC on PSN?(brings the serivce down when released):p

  7. Some one some where, is getting sacked.

  8. “You get what you pay for”

    Oh, wait….

    • Could be worse, could be Virgin Media “On Demand”..

      ..On demand my arse.

      • there’s demand for your arse? o_O

  9. Thanks I thought it was my internet again. It’s working now though.

  10. Millions so excited to build a house…

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