15 Minutes Of The Last Of Us

Sony has released a video of the fifteen minute PAX demo of ‘The Last Of Us’.

The video “highlights narrative exploration through interactive prompts, environmental puzzles, the balance of power AI, and some of the dynamic stealth elements.”


It also highlights heads being smashed into solid objects.

Source: YouTube



  1. Have yet to see the fungi/zombie things (Shroombies, anyone?). Mind you, the gameplay already looks varied enough.

    • Kinda like it that way, perhaps means that the Shroombies won’t be in large numbers, which would make them more formidable or scary.

  2. As much as I love ND seriously they need to stop showing these gameplays, they did that with UC3 by the time I got to play it nothing new & surprising sprung up to me, I felt I knew what’s coming all the time.

    Yes I know I don’t have to watch the video but that’s like telling a fat kid on a cake shop don’t you dare eat anything in here

    • I kind of agree. Though the entire game wasn’t ruined by over-exposure, Uncharted 3’s key set pieces didn’t have the same impact after being shown in previous demos.

      Mind you, developers are usually under pressure to show off such amazing spectacles to draw in audiences to begin with.

    • This is still the exact same area as the E3 demo, it’s just played in a completely different way this time.

      Other than that they have only made 2 trailers, which also did not show much of the game.

      I think they are aware that people felt they had showed too much in their trailers of U2 and especially the “montage” trailers of U3 showing practically every set piece in the game.

  3. Looking gggggggggggreat.

  4. Keeping in mind I’m not a fan of fifteen minutes of game-play clips, that was superb. Utterly absorbing and gripping from minute to minute. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve given any of these fifteen minute clips (of any game) my time.

    Last Of Us… you look to be something special.

  5. Game looks great so far. AI looks intelligent enough to give people a challenge. As always, the graphics look good by ND.

    Can’t wait to see me tbh… I don’t mind them showing off gameplay as you can tackle the same situation differently.

  6. I’m starting to like this game more and more :)


    I’m trying to watch as little as this as I can, just so it’s more surprising. Sadly Naughty Dog has a habbit of showing too much in it’s trailers, uncharted 3 is a prime example.

  8. *sees that there is a new LOU video and sticks his fingers in his ear* LALALALALA i can’t hear nor see the video!

    I flat out refuse to watch any videos beside trailers about TLOU as i want to go in knowing as little as possible. :) Oh and i hope we get to kill Nolan North in this as he is like a zombie outbreak, he is nearly everywhere! :p

  9. Who needs next-gen when we’ve got stuff like this on the way? :)
    I think that section will probably take me at least twice as long to play (and several lives) while i loll about, drinking in every detail of the surroundings.

  10. That was the best enemy behavior I have ever seen in a video game. You have truly impressed me Naughty Dog. Bravo!

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