Top 100 of 2012 Recap: 65-61 – Tekken X Street Fighter, Lollipop Chainsaw and Counter-Strike

Today we’re going to look at five more titles that we were really looking forward to this year. There are two fully-fledged fighters, two others with fighting elements and an anticipated shooter that European PS3 owners are still waiting for.

65 Mortal Kombat Vita


Featuring all new challenges, costumes as well as all of the additional content in the Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat, the PS Vita version of the game released in May to a great reception.

Essentially a reworking of last year’s Mortal Kombat game, it also featured some nifty PS Vita exclusive features including use of the touch screen and tilt controls. The core gameplay, thankfully, remained almost identical to its home console counterparts, making it essentially the best Vita fighting game we’ve seen yet.

We scored it an excellent 8/10 in our review, citing the solid roster, 60FPS gameplay, amount of content and lengthy game modes as the main reasons you should pick this game up.

Despite lack of cross-play, few options for online play and unremarkable graphics, we concluded that it was “inarguably one of the finest portable fighting games to have ever been released.” and that you should all run out and buy it.

64 Tekken X Street Fighter

Whilst Street Fighter X Tekken, the Street Fighter game featuring Tekken characters released back in March, the Tekken game featuring Street Fighter characters, Tekken X Street Fighter, is still nowhere to be seen.

In fact, only four characters have been confirmed – Jin, Devil Jin, Ryu and, you guessed it, Evil Ryu and back in April, the game was said to be only 10% complete.

There’s absolutely no chance that we’ll see Tekken X Street Fighter this year, then, but a PS Vita version has now been considered, so that’s nice.

63 Lollipop Chainsaw

Ah, Suda51, you crazy man you. Zombies, a cheerleader and chainsaws all feature in this wacky hack’n’slash-y game, which released back in June.

The game’s reaction seemed mixed although just on the positive side; some people loved it whilst others found it mediocre, however. We scored it a 6/10 when we reviewed it – it could have been better but then again, it could have been so much worse.

It’s very much a niche game, as are most of Grasshopper’s titles, but the bonkers, arcade inspired gameplay screamed “fun”, no doubt helping the game off shelves. Unfortunately, the game was let down somewhat due to repetition, a poor and immature script and sub-par combat.

Not the best game, then, but surely a little fun in amongst the other big-hitters of the year.

62 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is the most recently released game on this section of the list, arriving just two weeks ago on PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Unless you’re a PS3 owner in Europe, of course; you’ll have to wait until at least next week (or maybe even later) before getting your hands on the game.

The Counter-Strike community is still going strong, with many Counter-Strike Source players moving on to Global Offensive, thanks to Valve choosing the safe option and updating the features without changing too much.

Whilst we haven’t reviewed the game, we did include it in our latest Cheap PC Gaming feature, where we described it as “a worthy sequel; faithful to the franchise’s fast-paced, skill-heavy gameplay, but better looking, new features, new guns, new modes and practically slick with polish.”

It’s good, then, but it may be a bit hard for newcomers to get into – particularly with the PC version; try it if you dare.

61 Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Sigma Plus is an odd one – a Vita port of a game that released on PS3 five years previously, which itself is a reworking of the 2004 Ninja Gaiden game.

A launch title in the US and Europe for the Vita, the game was received well critically, with new controls harnessing the features of the handheld, along with new Ninja Trials to face and some great looking graphics thanks to the Vita’s screen.

8/10 was our verdict – we found it to be a great port of the game for the Vita, with all of the things that made it so good in the first place sticking around. Whilst there isn’t quite enough content for those who’ve played through it before, we did say that “If you’re new to the franchise and fancy a challenge, this will be right up your street.”



  1. what gets me is when people defended the short running time of Lolypop Chainsaw by saying it’s a game you will be replaying lots of times to unlock stuff and all that.
    if that was the case, why are the cutscenes, apparently, unskippable?

    that said, i will probably pick up a copy when it’s cheap enough, but it’ll have to be very cheap. ^_^

    • i spelled lollypop wrong.
      no i didn’t do it again, like with Dishonoured i’m not gonna use the American spelling.

    • I only played it once. That was enough.

    • I’m fairly certain that they are skippable on the second play through. I am glad that they didn’t have a trophy that required you to get all outfits. Whilst I did enjoy the game I did not want to play it anymore than two times.

  2. I guess after TTT2 is done & dusted, the team will be working on Tekken X Street Fighter. Should be interesting. MK was alright, but i found it quite boring with all the available modes and Shao Kahn was evil… terrible boss. Guilty Gear is like £8 on a PSP and it costs less to make. It has Survival, M.O.M (whatever that is) and also a annoying arcade boss. I don’t understand why Survival is always excluded, Imho Tekken’s Ghost battle mode would be great on every fighting game but they lack anything that’s like freaking limitless. Just adding a online system that barely works that really annoys me with a few fighting games.

    Also haven’t bought Sf X T yet, so probably will look at that for Vita though likely will get bored if its yet again limited in game modes in favour of online that will barely work or barely used.

  3. Pickings are slim (read: positively anorexic) on this one. Roll-on sub 60s!

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