Walking Dead Episode 3 Keeps on Walking Past SCEE

It’s not really news that Telltale Games’ lauded Walking Dead series has seen its third episode delayed in Europe. And although we agree that it’s a problem which needs fixed, we’re starting to tire of our own voices on the matter so I’m sure you are too. But PlayStation users in the EU deserve to be told as much as they can be about the matter so we’re going to share a couple of extra fragments of information that we’ve noticed.

Firstly, a reply from Blog Manager Fred Dutton to a commenter who indicated that many were still awaiting the episode’s release.


So it seems that – behind the scenes, at least – SCEE thinks it’ll be relatively soon. Only a month or so later than the US PSN, Steam and Xbox Live (in Europe, too) releases. That’s some light at the end of the tunnel, at least. As long as nobody at SCEE deletes the reply and pretends it never happened.

But we still don’t know what caused the delay. Well, thanks to a subsequently deleted tweet from Telltale Games, we can be reasonably sure its something to do with the SCEE approval process.

Now, whether you see this as SCEE’s fault for having an approval system which isn’t conducive to rapid releases is your choice. It’s reasonable to assume that this could be the same problem for all the other SCEA content that’s late to SCEE though, or at least some of it. You might want to blame developers for whatever problems SCEE finds during the QA process that SCEA doesn’t find but remember that localisation is usually done by developers before they submit to QA.

We’ve also got to ask why, if SCEE has found an issue with something appearing on their store, those items don’t get pulled from the SCEA store?

Whatever the issue is, it would be nice to get some honesty and transparency from SCEE on the matter, rather than sending the poor Blog guys out with vague comments that don’t help calm the frustrations of the many PlayStation fans left confused by the delays.



  1. with this title in particular the delay and refusal to provide even the slightest bit of information is especially pathetic as people have paid for the title months ago.

    i’m just lucky i didn’t have the funds to buy it after enjoying the demo or i’d be one of those, justifiably, very pissed off people.

    some may say, “it’s only a few weeks”
    firstly, so far it’s only a few weeks, but who know’s how much longer it will be.
    second, you know how many times you could get the game spoiled online in a few weeks?

    Jim dies.
    that could be a spoiler and you wouldn’t know until you read it by which time it’d be too late.

    by the way if there is a Jim in the game, this is not a spoiler, i’ve only played the demo of ep one, Jim could very well be alive at the end of the game.
    if he even exists. ^_^

    • Nooooooo!!!! Not Jim…

    • Phew, at least it’s not Bob! :D

      • Bob is a bastard, he deserves to have his brains eaten

      • yeah screw bob.

        and that stupid dog of his as well.

      • I’m sure that’s not the line from the Wizard of Oz….

  2. The thing is, if Fred and Co. aren’t allowed to tell us what’s happening, wheel out someone who is.

    • indeed, and let Fred and Co. get a nice cup of tea and a few deep breaths.

    • the trouble is they’ll just wheel out a manager who’ll be very apologetic and promise things will change, but in the end bugger all will be done.

      just like last time.

  3. Ah, Trine 2 all over again then.

    • Hopefully the devs will announce the eventual SCEE release with a similarly bizarre video/meme

  4. Yes we know SCEE is all encompassing across many different countries and even continents, but that means all the more revenue streams for Sony to get staffing levels right so that content can be streamed through with no perceived delay.

    If localisation is done prior to submitting to Sony, why have multiple routes of QA? Why isn’t it just SCE QA (rather than SCEA, SCEE etc), or is the QA related to localisation?

    Developers want and need to sell content, but I can’t imagine many of them can afford to indefinitely promote something in the hope SCEE QA finally pass their product, this means there is a massive drop in interest by the time something does launch particularly if people can just grab it from Xbox 360 or Steam.

    I’m not going to say any country is better than any other but if delays and holdups are unavoidable then there is certainly more valuable markets within the SCEE region, if these delays are due to localisation or licensing then it would make sense for SCEE to make sure it launches in a timely fashion in their biggest markets; Germany, France, UK.

    Baffled as to how Microsoft are continuously able to launch their content in US, UK, Germany, France and elsewhere in a consistent fashion, what do Sony do that makes it so difficult for themselves… and it’s not like the QA is super-amazing given the number of bugs in products anyway.

    • it could be lack of care, lack of effort, lack of staff or lack of skill.
      the only thing anybody outside scee knows for certain is that despite all the promises over the years of making things better, they’re just as bad.
      if not worse.

  5. Bored of this now, will never buy episodic gaming again. I just hope the rest of the series turns out to be good games whenever they arrive, otherwise ttg can class it as a fiasco IMO

  6. So it is SCEEs fault. When will they get their act together?

    • when satan goes to millets for a pair of skis i reckon.

  7. Looking forward to the eventually release in 2013.

  8. Still waiting for Counter Strike GO…..

    • I pre-ordered it on Steam and still haven’t got around to actually playing it…

  9. So it’s Trine 2:SCEE strikes back. Let me guess SCEE, there is some obscure bug that doesn’t really affect the game that you have found and delayed it? Or is it due to someone using the only copy they had as a coffee coaster(if sent on a physical disc?

    SCEE, i hope you are planning on giving a refund for the season pass as people are not getting what they have paid for and it may have involved some false advertising. Wasn’t it meant to be a monthly episode? The surprising thing is, Black Mesa will be out before this. A mod that has taken 10 years to develop will be out before a game that SCEE has had for a month. :O

  10. if the scee QA is so rigorous that it picks up these tiny bugs that the other regions don, thereby holding games up for months at a time sometimes, why then do they sometimes let stuff through that’s completely broken and non functional?

    personally, i think they just lose stuff half the time.

    how many times have they claimed devs haven’t submitted stuff when they have?

    and they can’t ask the devs for another copy because then everybody would know

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