Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Announced

Ubisoft have announced another Call of Juarez game, dubbed Gunslinger for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC in early 2013.

As expected, the series moves back to the Wild West and gamers will find themselves in the shoes of a bounty hunter on the trail of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett and Jesse James.

Co-op play has been dropped and the concentration mode now lets you dodge bullets as well as attack enemies.

The last Call of Juarez game – The Cartel – scored 3/10 here on TSA.

Source: YouTube


  1. Well it can’t be as bad as the last game…………….

  2. I HATE live action trailers for games, it just seems soooooooooo pointless. Except prototype 2 had a good live action trailer.

    • Halo ?

    • I don’t tend to watch too many trailers for games, but i have to admit to being a bit partial to the odd live action cut scene.

      I guess the only real reason more devs do not go this route is the fact that you have to pay actors & find lookalikes to your characters (or else base your characters on the actors).

  3. probably as good as the last one

  4. I’m a fan of games that focus on the old west. Red Dead was pretty much the epitome of how a western should be, but these Call of Juarez games were always pretty good. Really enjoyed ‘Bound in Blood’ never played Cartel however. Judging on that neat 3/10 score, I probably dodged a bullet there.

  5. The first Call of Juarez was so bland and repetitively boring imo, it started well but really nosedived into a deep coma, that I didn’t even give the Cartel a look in, although I have heard that it was an improvement over the first…..or maybe not? It’d be a risk to try this one without a satisfactory demo. They do say though….third time lucky?

  6. I can wait

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