Dodgy Silicon Points To A Delayed Xbox 720 Launch

Being first out of the gate is especially important to the two next-generation console manufacturers. Technically, of course, neither of them are going to be first – the still unknown quantity that is the Wii U is out in a few months. But between Sony and Microsoft it’s a delicate, poised race for your hundreds of pounds and unswerving loyalty.

Everyone assumed Microsoft would launch their Xbox 360 successor first – they’re generally on the ball with regards to tech like this – but rumours today point to a chip manufacturer in desperate need of some QA.


SemiAccurate, a site that apparently likes to use lots of technical words without explanation (and some weird script that stops me copying and pasting text) says the 720’s main chip – dubbed Oban – is currently under mass production but facing a few quality control issues. That is, there’s a load of duff chips. There – how’s that for technical?

What does all this mean? Probably that the Xbox 720 won’t make its release date of next August. It had a release date? No. But there you go.



  1. “is currently under mass production but facing a few quality control issues. That is, there’s a load of duff chips.”

    And? Didn’t stop MS releasing the 560 (and multiple subsequent revisions) with a design flaw that caused massive failures. Going by this gen they’ll:
    1 – Release the console
    2 – Deny there is any issue with the console
    3 – Claim all failures are due to user related issues
    4 – After the threat of a class action law-suit suddenly change tack and say “These things happen you know”
    5 – Introduce a 3 year warranty, screwing over all the people that had to pay for repairs/replacements prior to them admitting the console was flawed and still ignoring 2 other major issues with the console (E74 + disk scratching)
    6 – Be praised for having the heart of a saint for blessing us with the extended warranty.
    7 – Retain an army of die-hard fans who still refuse to accept there ever was a problem.

    Yeah … I’ll wait a year or 2 before I buy any XBox successor thanks. Just like I did this gen with the 360.

    • Balls, that should read “releasing the 360”, not “releasing the 560”

    • Sounds about right.
      I bought the first xbox but because of all the problems I had haven’t bothered since.

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