Andy McNab Defends COD, Video Game Violence

Following an inquest into the suicide of 14 year-old Callum Green last March, coroner John Pollard blamed violent video games (or to be more precise, Call of Duty) for the tragic teen’s death.

However, in today’s edition of The Sun, war novelist and former SAS operative Andy McNab discounted these claims, stating that militaristic video games such as Call of Duty produce positive role models and are ultimately “teaching lessons of morality.”


Reiterating what has been said a thousand times over, McNab states that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that violent video games (or films for that matter) can motivate youngsters to take a life. He also addresses the point that just about everyone consumes interactive media nowadays though his argument soon goes off on a bit of a weird tangent.

Comparing video game protagonists with real world icons such as David Beckham, McNab claims that the former excel in conveying positive moral messages. In a nutshell, he believes that morality is best taught through the delivery of violence, saying that video game heroes such as CoD mainstays Soap McTavish, John Price, and Victor Reznov always “do the right thing.”

It’s true that, in most cases, these pixelated paragons will protect the innocent and attempt to quash evil, though not without slaughtering hundreds if not thousands along the way. Though many will agree that the interactive journeys of video game heroes can sometimes yield inspiring qualities, conveying this message through a shroud of constant bullet-fire and gore (at least in my opinion) can override any such moral code from the perspective of an under-age gamer.

Source: The Sun



  1. I’m actually at a complete loss. What’s his hanging got to do with video games? Is Call of Duty full of people taking their own lives with a noose and a sturdy, wooden beam?

  2. Shame it’s from that disgrace of a newspaper.

    • Thats being very kind calling it a “news”paper. I call it a cruddy gossip mag cros utter skud!

      • I call it cheap porn that i can get away with looking at whilst at work. :p Also, my backup of a backup of another backup for bog roll.

  3. Kid 14.
    Game rated for 18 and over.

    has to be a connection somwhere! i just cant quite put my finger on it…

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