If You’re Not Playing Super Hexagon, You’re A Bad Person

Terry Cavanagh’s sublime indie platform puzzler VVVVVV was (and is) a thing of beauty – a fresh take on two genres distilled into a very simple, singular mechanic: gravity, and the ability to flip it at will.


Super Hexagon, an update of the freely available Flash game, is just as refined and minimal, and yet somehow deeper and more substantial. Basically a twitch arcade game with just left and right controls, but with hugely addictive qualities.

The iPhone and iPad version takes the basics from the Flash game and wraps them up in a neater UI, with music from Chipzel and a more comprehensive set of levels. Not that you’ll see most of them – even the default difficulty is rock hard.

You see, games of Super Hexagon (at first, at least) tend to last about 5 seconds. The vector lines circle in on you quickly, and you only have the power to rotate to avoid them. Get hit, and it’s game over. Easy this isn’t, and it’s all the better for it.

As the speed increases patterns emerge and you’ll soon find yourself in the zone, seemingly able to predict what’s next. Staying alive for a minute on the default difficulty is good going, but don’t expect things so easy as you move up the levels.

This isn’t for everyone, but at such a throwaway price (and nothing else to buy on top of it) it’s a no brainer. The visuals are amazing (and almost certain to make you feel sick at times), the music soaked in 8-bit awesomeness and the gameplay is rock solid.

Brilliant stuff.

Super Hexagon is available now, for just 69p. PC and Mac versions are coming soon, and an Android version is hopefully on the cards.



  1. Might have a tournament, if enough people are interested. See if I can get some prizes.

  2. No way I could play that, the trailer made me feel a bit sick – and everytime you thought they’d made it to the end, it just keeps going, arghh!!

    • Yeah, it doesn’t end!

      • It looks addictive though, like the Death Mode games from Sound Shapes or The Impossible Game – will have to check it out!

  3. That made my brain hurt.

  4. Looks super duper fanastic!

  5. i tried the flash version, and if the full game is like that, it’s definitely not for me.
    i can see why some people would like it though, i can see why some people like The Impossible Game and Super Meatboy, but they’re not the kind of games for me.

    but i can see the game doing well, it’s a pretty original take on the endurance gaming genre.
    and it’s a simple idea, done well.

  6. Loving this game – up to 51 seconds now.

  7. its tempest in reverse ! looks like fun will give it a go.

  8. I couldn’t get through the trailer without nearly throwing up. Will give this a miss.

  9. This game looks brilliant! What a simple but amazing concept! I loved Rez HD and its use of music, also Chime. Will be grabbing this for sure, though the pace certainly looks mental, perhaps completion requires very good whiskey or Hot Java Lava coffee……or both :-/

  10. It’s rather bloody fantastic.

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