Rumour: New 4000 Model PS3 “Super Slim” Lands September 28th

Whilst it’s tricky to put too much stock into message board posts as concrete proof, news that we’ll finally see the much rumoured CECH-4000 redesign hitting isn’t exactly a stretch.

Posts over on NeoGAF have pointed out that September 28th is the likely release date for the new model – days after this year’s Tokyo Game Show and would tie in nicely with a couple of big releases.


Namely, FIFA and the complete Gran Turismo re-release.

As stated, none of this is confirmed and thus it’s clearly marked as a rumour. But the poster seems confident and seeing as everyone expected the 4000 to be announced at Gamescom, a TGS reveal seems perfectly possible.

Sources: NeoGAF, GamrConnect, PlayStation forums.



  1. Been saying the next ps3 revision would be at TGS since I heard the rumours, it just made sense to me. Hopefully it’ll tie in with a price cut too? Then I think Sony will own Christmas. ;)

  2. Complete and low priced GT5 re-release to go with an economically priced PS3 console……not a bad introduction for any newcomer ;)

    • GT5, Cheap PS3 and a years PSN plus bundled? Yes please!

      • Adding a years PS plus would probably defeat the objective. The new GT5 release is around £16 – £17, the new console probably around £130, so they could bundle out at £150’ish I think, but adding plus might just push the price slightly beyond extremely attractive to potential new customers that would probably see the current slim PS3 as a more viable option instead.
        Just saying…..

  3. I really want a second unit in the house, waiting to ear the price on this one :)

  4. The release of a new ps3 model is obviously a precursor to the next playstation, I’d expect this new model to be a cheap no-frills model.

  5. i really need to replace my Phat and old 160 GB model… maybe this one will be perfect for that!
    i also need a bigger HDD, so with a good pricing and maybe an interesting bundle i am buying one! =D

    • Just buy a HDD online? i got a 300GB for £45 works a treat much better than my old 80Gb

  6. Erm “Bundles, big hard drives, new casing.” What about the most ‘IMPORTANT’ thing tho i.e THE PRICE??? If it’s not cheaper than the PS3 we got now then what is the point SONY??? Come on, do a F-IN $199 or under PS3 for the USA at least??? I know it’s just ‘FanBoyz’ like me LoL:D that care about sales but it seems SONY don’t mind being last place in sales this Gen?!?! :-/ The PS3 could jump into 2nd place this Gen with a good price cut i am sure of it. Apart from all that i will buy 1 if true :P :P :P I don’t need another 1 but i like getting the latest versions of ‘The PlayStation’ :D

    • I expect it to be cheaper too. However, even if it sold at the current PS3 price, if it’s cheaper to manufacturer for Sony, then there is a point.

    • For me, i only care about the quality of the games as well as the console being able to work without it bursting into flames. So Sony being last in the sales doesn’t really matter as imo, they have managed to produce some excellent exclusives as well as some really shit ones. Plus, i think they would rather focus on bringing us some excellent games which in theory should help them to sell more consoles then focus on getting into 2nd place this generation.

    • “The point”? The point, for them, is the manufacture it as cheaply as possible. As is always the point from redesigns.

  7. Could be tempted with a Fifa 13 bundle since I’d like both and might save a few quid. Hopefully a bundle would be around £150.

    Another important thing for me is whether it’ll take my 500gb HDD currently sitting in my YLOD fatty. I won’t bother if I need to pay out for another, larger HDD.

  8. Looking at how cheap the current PS3 model is being sold off, it’s a cert

  9. I’ll have one please Sony! Im way more excited about this than the Vita, having played on one now it’s really lost its appeal. The PS3 is still the daddy, all it needs now is less controller lag on the ps1 emulation, ps2 compatibility and a Sky app.

    • It will cost Sony more to add in the Graphics Synthesizer for PS2 emulation and even more for the Emotion Engine if people want true PS2 compatibility. Sky has a long time exclusivity with Xbox 360 I think.

      • I didn’t know about the Xbox exclusivity, that’s a shame. Yeah I guess you’re right about the ps2 thing. Still, lag free ps1 controls Sony, sort it out!

  10. I understand why they would rerelease GT5 with the PS size zero and will tell you to feck off if you tell it to eat more because you are concerned about it’s weight but Fifa? I would have thought they would have rereleased UC2 or release a UC trilogy pack to demostrate what the PS3 is capable of. I suspect it will get hot after 6 hours of being in use as my PS2 used to get quite hot after i’ve used it. :O Plus my overwieght PS3 is still going strong despite it being a lazy bugger so i will naturally have no interest in purchasing it. I do hope Sony will market it as they seem to have forgotten how to.

    Oh and if they release it for more then £250, it won’t sell as you can get one of the existing models for that price or even cheaper depending where you look.

    • Doubt it will be more expensive.

      Also that rumoured 16gb version may be fairly cheapness.

      The other ones could have a 3 month sub to ps+ for new owners to sample a shit load of free games.

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