Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Screens Released in 720p

Did you see this video of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes? It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? Well, there have been some grabs from the video circulating since it debuted but now Konami has released official screens and artwork in higher resolution images.


There’s no new info here but we can have a closer look at some of the gorgeous lighting and textures on display.

If you’re making a wallpaper for your PC, PS3 or Vita with these, why not drop them into our forums so we can all have some MGS goodness adorning our screens?



  1. I don’t know if this problem is just me but everytime I click a picture it doesn’t load, just constantly spins. I can open the picture in a new tab which sometimes works, but sometimes it just takes me to gophoto, appears, then all of a sudden says ‘the page you are looking for can not be found’.

    Anyway, managed to look at a few of them. Very nice indeed. Although they have said PS3 and Xbox 360, I wonder if this is next gen and they are saying that to not mention unannounced next gen consoles.

    • I wondered the same but having watched the video again I started to notice that there were no character shadows, the glossy wet effect is plastered everywhere and there’s no footprints on the ground or muck on Big Boss. It’s possible they’re going for shinyness for impact and leaving out processor hungry details, which is clever!

    • Pictures work fine from here.
      Def next gen though ;)

  2. iDroid Beta…. Maybe Kojima isn’t such an iPod fan any longer.

    • Well it is meant to be the 80’s!

  3. Screens look really sharp and the video was incredibly cinematic, seen it about five times now. Really looking forward to more info!

  4. The picture of Big boss looks like a slightly younger version of the Big Boss we saw in MGS4. I wonder if it’ll be Richard Doyle who voices him….

    • Most likely David Hayter as he voiced him in 3, Portable Ops and Peace Walker.

  5. Looking good, but personally it should be a launch title for the ps4.

  6. “Hey you guys, we sweeaaaar it’s for PS3 and 360! Next-gen, what are you talking about? Such things don’t exist. Look, they’re even in 720p! See? SEE!?”

  7. I keep forgetting that the actual game is rendered in real time and no prerendered videos will be used. :O Suspect the PS3 will barely be able to reproduce the graphics seen in the screenshot but i doubt the 360 is capable of that as FF13 on the 360 had a bit of a noticeable difference.(or so i’ve heard). Can see it being a PS4 launch title though. I hope Kojima has toned down the length of the cutscenes this time around as 1hour+ for a cutscene in a game is a bit annoying if you had only planned to complete it and want to go to sleep as that happened to me with MGS4. I doubt we will see that much references to The Boss as Peace Walker probably had enough and we may just get fed up if Big Boss keeps mentioning her. Wonder if Octacon’s grandfather will be in this as he was in PW.

    I suspect Big Boss will get caught and tortured by the burnt man. Plus, Big Boss seemed to have aged a bit between PW and GZ. Unless it takes place 10-15 years after the events of PW. I think we will see or hear a cameo from the scientists who created Snake and Liquid as they were born around the time this takes place. Can see Zero finding BB wounded then kidnapping him in order to clone him.

    • I’m hoping the game starts out with Big Boss and leads to Solid Snakes first missions as well, and shows him as a kid too. That would be cool.

    • Huey is Otacon’s father, not his grandfather. I agree about the Boss though, she was dealt with in Peace Walker. Likely to be some references but few I’d imagine.

      Also Solid and Liquid were born in 1972, before Peace Walker (1974). I’d image this is the very early 80’s judging from Big Boss’ aged appearance.

      Personally I’m hoping this explains the gap between Peace Walker and the original Metal Gear. I haven’t played it but I roughly know the story. Big Boss returns to Foxhound, so hopefully this explains why he went back and kept his name out of Outer Heaven.

  8. Should get the extended 14 min bit up, with the helicopter and the jeep and slightly more sneaking in it.

  9. ”HoHoHo! I’ve come to sneak into your house and leave without a trace! If you’re lucky you’ll might hear me shout ‘Metal Gear!?”’ Is what I’m getting from the last image. Is it me or does he look kinda funny? A little bit wonky compared to MGS4 BB.

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