Some New Super Mario Bros U Screens Jump In

There are seven confirmed worlds for the new Wii U Mario side-on platformer. They include some familiar settings like a forest world, an ice world and a sky world but there are also set to be some different inclusions like the world made up of melting desserts.

In celebration of that blow out (which came thanks to GameStop’s GameInformer magazine in the US), there are a host of new images which look like they might have been pulled from the digital version of the magazine.


Some places are also reporting the “news” that the plot involves Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and Mario fighting his way through the Koopalings in end-of-world castles in an attempt to rescue her. Which is like reporting on the successful rising of the Sun every day. Still, the news that Boom Boom will appear in mid-level castles (like in SMB 3 and SMB 3D Land) is slightly more surprising, if not revelatory.

Source: ONM



  1. I think this has the same problem as the new 3DS version. As much as I love Mario the originality is starting to lack. This looks very samey.

  2. Looks a little a game from the last generation or before.

    • *little like

      • Was thinking the same – the graphics look very bland for me.

      • I think they’re grabbed from GI’s digital iPad edition so they might be a little fuzzier than they should be. From the footage we’ve seen of it, it’s certainly not like anything form the last generation and these images aren’t as vivid as I’d expect.

        That’s the result of selling exclusive reveals to retailers though – your images get out there and don’t look their best. I wonder how long it’s going to take publishers to learn the lesson, or whether they really care given the extra deals they get for this kind of exclusive…

  3. Won’t be the first title I’ll pick up for the Wii-U but I’m sure it will be as solid as ever.

  4. It’sa Me! Mario! …again!

  5. Where have I seen this before?

    Oh yeah, every other Mario game ever…

  6. Why don’t they just rerelease the SNES?

  7. I still think Mario and the enemies look a little out of place when you look at the game world…

  8. Nice to see some game pictures out there, but how about showing the WiiU itself? We’re already in September and Nintendo has failed to show any evidence that the system is still on track for its release date, not to mention that so far they have failed to give a release date at all. They need to build the hype around the WiU launch if they want to sell it, but it seems that the 3DS lesson wasn’t enough for them.

  9. That is an awful and half arsed name. They are going to go down the N64 route and add U on the titles aren’t they?

    It looks like any Mario game and Mario must be getting paid a lot in the mushroom kingdom due to how many times Peach has been kidnapped. I’m surprised he has not quit or just decided to not save her anymore. Plus Mario defeating Browser again is just going to be predictable. Have Browser show Mario the worst things that he can browse and scar him for life. Probably a good thing i’m not involved in this.

  10. *Sigh* Come on Nintendo, I was playing this game 20 years ago on the SNES. In fact, I prefer the graphics of the old game.

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