Let’s Fish! Hooked On Coming Exclusively To Vita This Autumn

Wired Productions (Spot Kick Hero, We Sing Lyric Star) today announced its first exclusive project for the PlayStation Vita titled “Let’s Fish! Hooked On”.

Due to release later this Autumn the game is currently in development at SIMS, the Japanese outfit behind titles such as Ape Escape PSP and SEGA Bass Fishing. Let’s Fish offers a handful of primary game modes including a story-driven campaign featuring four unique characters, each with their skills and abilities.


The game boasts 11 explorable outdoor areas as well as a  quick-fire Challenge mode and even a museum-style Underwater Mode in which players can view their biggest catches.

Wired has yet to announce whether the game will be download-only. We’re sure to find out when the publisher announces a release date for Let’s Fish in the coming weeks.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Well this will surely help shift a few Vita units! :-p

  2. Damm it! Even Sega is making a COD game. I think some folks won’t be Placied about Sega making a cod game and may prawn their copies of this after playing it for a few days. Wonder if it supports bass? Doesn’t look like it will sell loads and will be regarded as pollucks in terms of sales by some people.

    I don’t think a fishing game needs a story as it’s fishing. Can see it being about one man trying to catch the fish of his dreams but i can see some people having a whale of a time. Plus Let’s fish sounds like a Let’s play of fishing.

    • Stoppit, you’re giving me a haddock..

      • I’m going to make a fish joke just for the halibut(hell of it) okay i will shut up.

      • you are all sardine to piss me off

      • You lot sure do talk a load of carp.

      • I sea what you did there. Bit of a crabby pun.

  3. Seriously who buys a fishing game?! Dont mean to offend any fishermen out there but come on this could not be profitable.

    • Why do people buy fifa, cod, what ever the wrestling game is called, every year. Because people enjoy them. I’m sure there’s people out there waiting patiently for the next fishing game.

    • ..because they’re shit or never known to exist?

  4. It’s a PSN game.(FB page)

  5. I’d actually be interested if the price is cheep cheep, this could be a good timewaster.

  6. Sega Bass Fishing was always good for a laugh – there’s no reason this shouldn’t be any different – and as a download title it’s presumably going to be affordable too…

  7. Drop the bass! classic.

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