Monster Hunter Pulled From PSN Store As Exploit Allows Homebrew

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has been pulled from the PlayStation Store.

The game, which is the latest in a series of titles to accidentally allow the Vita to run an exploit opening it up to PSP homebrew, was taken offline by Sony after a hack was found just days ago.


Everybody’s Tennis and Motorstorm: Arctic Edge also suffered a similar fate, although they were both later patched to stop the exploit from running.

Given the massive problem that piracy became on the PSP, it’s understandable that Sony would be quick to remove any risk like this. Hopefully Monster Hunter will return soon with a patch and Sony can find some way to allow homebrew to exist happily on their portable. The homebrew scene has long been one full of experimentation and innovation – something that would fit well with the Vita’s great screen and multiple control option.

It would be nice to see Sony look for a way to allow homebrewers without opening the doors to the darker side of console modification – perhaps through PlayStation Mobile?



  1. In an ideal world, I’d love to see that happen. We all know it wont though

  2. ,.:..:., Why so mean hackrs

  3. Good.

  4. Is the 3ds suffering from hackers as well? These jerks always end up affecting us legit (?) gamers the most. I hope Sony keep up their counters.

  5. Playstation mobile would be perfect for home brew.

    It’s a shame so often piracy ruins home brew possibilities

  6. Well, it’s a good job i’d already bought it!

  7. I thought Playstation mobile is free to all, and before that the Playstation Developer Suite. Not sure how much better / worse that is to the access home brewers had to the PSP?

    • Nope. Only the beta. It’s $100 after that.

  8. I’d buy a vita today, over-priced and all, if I could run homebrew.

  9. I still think the best solution to piracy is to ignore it. The only people who are ever inconvenienced by anti-piracy measures are legitimate customers.

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