Nintendo Confirm 2012 Wii U Release, New “Direct” Conference This Week

Nintendo will host another Nintendo Direct mini-conference this Thursday, with the confirmation of a Wii U release date propping up the press release.

The Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 13th September from 3pm (UK time) and sees Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata take a closer look at the upcoming Wii U console.


Watch it live here.



  1. So iPhone announcement Wednesday, Wii U details Thursday? Good week.

  2. Why not today… (T_T)

  3. Finally! I’ve been extremely tight with my money all year in anticipation of this announcement, lol. Hopefully they opt for an early December release (November is far too crowded already) and the price point is under £200.

    • That’s what I was hoping for but its been far too long just for a simple date.

      • Yup. Really stupid marketing strategy to be honest. All of these details should have been covered at E3 this year to give people chance to get their pre-orders in, decide what games they want, etc.

  4. I just hope they also announce the price. I’m more concerned with the price then the release date.

  5. That’s about time! on another note, maybe Sony pushing the new PS3 model announcement is to be able to counter the WiiU with a lower price point.

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