Resident Evil 6’s (Timed) Exclusive 360 Modes Detailed

That Resident Evil 6 would be getting Xbox 360 exclusive content shouldn’t come as much of a surprise – but the features have this afternoon been detailed, albeit rather briefly.

“We are pleased to confirm 3 new DLC multiplayer modes” said the official Twitter account. They’re called “Survivors”, “Predator” and “Siege” and offer up different ways to play online with buddies.


The first, Survivor Mode, has downed players turning into the bad guys, as long as you’ve already killed two other players first. Predator has one player act as the Ustanak, who has to try to kill everyone else.

Finally, Siege acts like a protect mode, with players either attacking or defending an AI character.

Read our full preview of the game here.



  1. Sounds fine. Doubt this game will develop a huge online community but, providing its fun, I’d imagine I’ll fire it up from time to time

    • Your comment from the MoH DLC post: “*sigh* just die EA, please”

      So its fine for Resident Evil 6 to have DLC announced before release but not MoH?

      • True, lol. I suppose the fact that RE6 is my most anticipated game all year I have my fan-boy glasses on :)

        Besides, at least Capcom release the occasional new IP and rarely force online passes on people.
        EA are just a bunch of Nazis, intent on taking over (and then ruining) as many smaller companies as possible.

      • I agree with EA crushing the small studios they gain under their wing, but they also gave these studios their big chances in the first place. Plus EA have introduced a few new IP’s in recent years. Mirrors Edge and Dead Space spring to mind. Also yes EA utilise online passes, but Capcom release about 3 different editions of their biggest games within 2 months of each other.

        Anyway, more on topic. Nice to see MS throwing out the cash on big multiplatform games yet not towards studios so they can develop new, fresh exclusive Xbox titles. I really wouldn’t want to be an Xbox owner at the moment.

      • EA rules, they give you the best online lagging can’t beat that

      • Out of interest Yiddo (and as an owner of both platforms) why wouldn’t you want to be an xbox owner now?
        Isn’t this xmas all multiplatform anyway?

      • I should have clarified myself. What I mean is, if I was someone who only owned a PS3 or 360, i’d be dissappointed to be a 360 owner at the moment. I mean, i’d love to own both, it’s just the problem of maintaining/buying games for both consoles.

    • You’d be surprised about the competitive community for Re,it’s still very easy to find players for the dm modes added to re5 now.Mind you i can’t speak for Re Outbreak which also had the 360 exclusive mode,an exercise in stacking turd that turned out to be.

  2. I guess they are already on the disc. Capcom style.

  3. IMO the Resi Evil franchise has made huge improvements on the game-play side, but has sacrificed the story elements that the series was popular for. With that being said I highly doubt an exclusive on game modes is going to either hurt or help this game or platform, especially since the yearly FPS race is about to start.

  4. Okay, maps and day 1 content is one thing but ripping out 3 modes(knowing Capcom, it’s all on the disc) to either sell as exclusive DLC or having it exclusivly on one platform is unacceptable. That said, this is the same publisher that dared to release the true ending to Azure’s Wrath so i’m not surprised. I bet within 2 weeks of release it will be discovered that the content is already on the disc. I can’t wait for the supermegaextremerorbogodzillaleatherjacketwearerunningoutofro edition that has 1 new mode and 9 skins for £40 that will be released in a few months. But because i prefer Single player, i’m not that annoyed and won’t stop me from picking up the game unless it’s crap. Or it’s discovered that half of the game is locked unless we pay £20 to unlock it.

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