PS3 Firmware 4.25 Out Now – Any Secrets?

Overnight Sony – as we thought they might – pushed out the latest PlayStation 3 firmware. Switch on your console and you’ll be prompted to update to version 4.25.

The main advertised feature is an increase in the cloud storage limits – it’s now up at a much healthier gigabyte – but there’s always a few extra changes hidden away with these updates.


In this case, though, any changes really are hidden, or at least currently locked away.

There’s been a couple of things that we’ve wanted to see in the pipeline that might well be contained in 4.25, though. The first is a web store for the PS3, much like the Xbox 360 has, so that users can queue and make purchases via a browser, to be pushed through to the console.

The other is the apparently automatic (and OS-level) cross-buy system, which would allow users to buy software on one platform and have the other (PS3, Vita) automatically grab the relevant alternate version. We’d also love to be able to see what our Vita buddies are playing from our PS3s.

Or, of course, it might just be upping that cloud storage.



  1. I’m checking now and mine hasn’t got bigger either.

    Needless to say the missus is very disappointed.

    • Ah, the good old penis metaphor. You cant beat it!

    • Just upload a savegame and it will update ;-)

    • then i guess that missus teflon just have to work a little harder!

  2. i thought i’d upload all my saves now i’ve got a gigabyte of storage available.
    and it turns out i’ve only got like 118 megabytes of saves anyway.

    can you store minis and ps1 and 2 saves?
    actually i might as well just try it myself.
    trouble is uploading the ps3 saves is taking ages.

  3. this update sounds completely unnecessary to me (no Vita, no PS+)

  4. It’s ideal for someone like me who’s always trying to find more space on a 40gb hdd,having to prioritise over which saves to keep and what not.

    • Upgrade your hdd?!

      • Good idea but everytime i do have the money i tend to spend it on game related stuff.Top that off with no way of transferring the data,no external hdd,no pc and no extra PS3 and you get the picture. 8)

    • lol, way to small.

  5. I found something new*!

    Under “System Settings” there’s now a “Control for HDMI” option. It’s completely uninteresting and pretty pointless, but whatever.

    *Might not actually be new. Might be that my eyes had missed it.

  6. Here’s something new.
    Now after you install a game – where the XMB usually temporarily freezes while the install file is deleted – you now get a “Please Wait” message which stays there until the PS3 is ready.

  7. Noticed that once I install a PS Classic, the file no longer vanishes, allowing me to install in other device (vita, f.e.) without having to download again.

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