Super Hexagon Shifts Over 30,000 During First Week

Super Hexagon, Terry Cavanagh’s brilliant indie avoid-em-up, has shifted over 30,000 copies in its first week on sale.


Speaking on his blog, Terry says that the game has been an “absolutely huge success” citing reviews as high as a 9 from Edge, and has decided to keep the price at just 69p whilst people are still picking it up in large numbers.

It’s currently only available on iOS, but other formats are expected soon.

Read more about the game here in our hands-on.



  1. Well worth the 69p. Brings out your inner OCD.

  2. Good luck knocking me out of the top 25… ;)

    Love this game.

  3. I’d love to now how much Cavanagh makes from each sale. Brilliant work though, its great fun, good luck to him in the future!

  4. I make that £20,700. I wonder how much Terry Cavanagh actually sees of that after Apple take their cut.

    • Apple take 30%, I think.

      • I read about the same figure with regards to subscriptions within apps, so it makes sense. The article thought it was harsh, but given the quality of the store and the massive exposure I thought it wasn’t too ridiculous. Apple need to pay their glass polishers after all.

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