Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game Announced For 3DS

The Pokemon Company has announced ‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and The Infinite Labyrinth’, which will release on the 3DS. It looks like the Japanese release date will be Winter 2012, but a Western release date is yet to be confirmed.


The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series was first released in 2005. The gameplay is RPG in style, where players become a Pokemon. The Pokemon you become is decided by a test at the beginning of the game, which uses personality as the main indicator. It’ll be interesting to see if this release could be a precursor to a full Pokemon game for the 3DS.

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  1. (Waves hand): Nintendo, this is not the Pokemon game you’re developing for.

  2. Been wondering when they would do another one of these. wont be the same though without the little 2D sprites.

  3. I actually really enjoyed the last Mystery Dungeon games, they were hard as hell though. Not enough to make me buy a 3DS unfortunately.

    • Same here, i preferred Mystery dungeon to black/white.

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