Polish Retailer Teases ‘New PS3’ Design

The 12GB SSD PS3, the one that does not officially exist, has been advertised in Poland.

According to Polish site Polygamia.pl there will be a 12GB SSD PS3 which will retail for 199 euros and it will be joined by a beefy 500GB PS3 which will cost 299 euros.

Roughly converted that’s £123 for the 12GB model so add on 20% tax (although Poland’s VAT is 22%) and it’s possible the model will be available for around £150 – £160.

A reveal is expected at the Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Polygamia.pl 


  1. A 320GB in Poland right now costs around 140£/180€, so 199€ for a 12GB even though it’s a new model sounds high for polish prices.

    • I’m sure in an unrelated leak the other day, there was mention of a price ‘rise’.
      Disaster if true, I know for some people’s tastes the PS3 is thin on the ground for the rest of this year, but with Last Of Us, Beyond, God Of War & more next year, PS3 has a real chance of pissing all over 360 sales through 2013 in it presumably last year as a flagship console.

      Outside of Apple, people have never been lead by price more than they are now, so I would have thought it’s important Sony nail the pricing on this as low as they can, although it’s unlikely people buying this late in the gen will buy a lot of games so perhaps Sony needs to make a bit more off the initial sales if they’re to make less of licences for each game bought.

      • Makes me sad to think off, really hope Sony isn’t that stupid, considering they have to battle Xbox+Kinect and Wii U this holiday. And if they think big upcoming games are going to move system in the casual market, they will be dissapointed.

      • I agree with Erroneus. If the new PS3 has a higher price, it’s just going to make the Wii U look like a better deal. I can’t see the end of generation games like The Last of Us selling PS3s this late in the life-cycle. It can’t be expected to do any more good then another uncharted game, and I don’t think uncharted 3 sold alot of PS3s. This late in the game people are either already riding their horse- so to speak, or waiting for the next gen race to start. And any casual gamer who doesn’t have either will always consider the price of each.
        While I agree the Sony future line up looks brighter then the 360s. I just can’t see 360 owners switching over to the Sony side when a new Xbox is just around the corner,

  2. 12GB is slightly on the small side. On the plus side a SSD should improve loading times.

    • It would be great for core gamers if it was an SSD for caching purposes with the ability to slot in a HDD of your choice, but everything I’ve read suggests it’s just a base model & presumably only offers the space for patches etc.

  3. If I was MS, I’d just announce a 360 price cut right now and piss on Sony’s parade. Even if MS has to take a lose on every 360 sold, it’ll only improve their future success. If this “new” Super Slim PS3 really does have a higher price point, how will Sony justify raising the price? OK, say the new SSD can somehow increase the PS3 RAM making games like Skyrim better. Do they think current PS3 owners are going to trade in their PS3 and buy a SS PS3 at a higher price? I don’t know about other PS3 owners, but this would make me just wait for a new Xbox instead. I’m not ready for next gen to start, but if its going to happen and I have the choice of either buy next gen, or buying an updated current gen model- I’m going to choose next gen. If Sony launches this SS PS3 at the higher price, it’s only going to hurt them.

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