PS Vita To Get.. Er.. Something

I’m not going to lie: I have no idea what this is trailer is about, other than it appears to be an augmented reality thing from Sony Japan in which you open boxes.

The name translates as ‘Boxes! Open Me’ and the video shows a couple of men opening, erm, boxes.


That’s it.

The game – if it is a game – comes from PlayStation C.A.M.P. the chaps behind the wonderful Tokyo Jungle and that turned out to be bonkers yet brilliant so ‘Boxes! Open Me’ could also be awesome.

But at the moment it’s just some middle aged chaps opening boxes.

Source: YouTube



  1. yeah that was trippy
    simply put what the fuc*

  2. Erm…….yeah

  3. Looks like someone at sony read an incredibly badly translated article about molyneux’s curious box, or whatever its called, and thought theyd have a go too…

  4. Searching for Wonka bars :?

  5. Why…?

  6. All I could think of whilst watching this was Brad Pitt in Seven.

  7. That trailer sold me on a game and I don’t even know what it’s about! Hope it isn’t JP only.

  8. It looks like Sony’s research team trying to find cross game chat

    • they need look no further…
      its in the shiny black box sitting above my ps3…
      *shhh its called Xbox*

  9. As someone who likes to open boxes, I can’t wait for this.

  10. that rooms a flat packers nightmare!

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