PS Vita To Get.. Er.. Something

I’m not going to lie: I have no idea what this is trailer is about, other than it appears to be an augmented reality thing from Sony Japan in which you open boxes.

The name translates as ‘Boxes! Open Me’ and the video shows a couple of men opening, erm, boxes.


That’s it.

The game – if it is a game – comes from PlayStation C.A.M.P. the chaps behind the wonderful Tokyo Jungle and that turned out to be bonkers yet brilliant so ‘Boxes! Open Me’ could also be awesome.

But at the moment it’s just some middle aged chaps opening boxes.

Source: YouTube



  1. Definitely bonkers.

  2. A multiplayer box opening augmented reality game?

    A joke?

  3. So let me get this straight:

    An article posted by Tuffcub, is about two men who wake up next to each other but can’t remember how they ended up sleeping together or where they are. When they suddenly have to deal with a whole lot of box they get extremely agitated and confused and start stripping clothing off. Clearly they’re not very good at handling boxes, or choosing the right one, in fact it takes them til the end to find one that has anything in it they’re vaguely interested in.

    Oh I almost forgot, it’s brought to us by C.A.M.P.

    Is it April 1st already Tuffcub? :-)

  4. The ultimite unboxing video! Needed Mr butler though

  5. lol, it’s like a metaphor where Sony is looking for additional vita sales numbers. The way Sony has been going I can see this game requiring an “official” Sony box that retails for 19.99.

  6. Meh.. AR, my experience with it is terrible simply because either my room is always grey (N.I whats to expect) or the only table is occupied by a Razer Keyboard and monitor.

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