Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams Out Next Month

Feeling nostalgic? Well you’ll be pleased to learn Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams will be landing on Xbox LIVE and PSN, October 2nd.

Fans of Sonic Adventure 2 will able to purchase the Battle Mode for an additional £2.50/240msp, a mode originally added in the Gamecube version.


NiGHTS will come with the rare Christmas NiGHTS expansion for the handsome price of free.

Is a lick of HD paint enough to get you to revisit these games, especially at this busy time of year?



  1. NiGHTS into Dreams was a hidden jem for me on the Saturn, I’ll defo be picking that up!

  2. Chao Garden in HD? I’d pay full price for a Chao breeding simulation so this is a no brainer… >_>

  3. Awesome games had them both. I will be getting them :)

  4. It it sad that these games are more exciting than the majority of releases this Christmas?

  5. Another Sonic game for my PS3 collection :)

  6. Depending on the price, I shall buy Nights. Fond memories of that game :)

  7. Sonic for me but not sure which console yet.

  8. Yes yes yes yes yes I want want want want want. Serves me right for not ever having a dreamcast – its still on my wishlist to get!

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