WeView: Just How Good Was The PS3’s Launch Line-up?

[videoyoutube]Bit of a change this week – Kris is away and I’m ignoring his moans about “polls” and “Metal Gear” – I’d like to look back (briefly) at the PlayStation 3’s (European) launch line-up, and switch WeView around a little.

Essentially: did you buy lots of day one games, and do you regret doing so or do you still hold them proudly in your game drawer?


Way back in March 2007, on some lonely rainy evening, I waited in line (in what was then a pretty big GameStation), splashing out well over £650 on stuff I didn’t really know much about.


It was enough to warrant a police escort to a taxi, which despite being in Glasgow, amused me no-end. It was midnight and the streets were filled with onlookers – what could possibly have happened?

There was some real trash out for launch, but there were some gems, too – Resistance, MotorStorm, Formula One Championship Edition and Ridge Racer 7 were all in my plastic bag, but I also picked up a couple of others, including Virtua Tennis.

And for those counting, the version of FIFA was ’07.

So who still owns Resistance, arguably the best in the series (the Manchester level is still a blast)? Who still likes making muddy mess in MotorStorm (again, arguably still right up there) and although there’s been a few Ridge Racers since 7, it’s still probably the most comprehensive version, and now runs in stereoscopic 3D (albeit at half the frame-rate).

We’d have to assume that each launch game is now a tenner, for the sake of this discussion. So, for me: Resistance: Buy; MotorStorm: Buy; Formula One: Avoid (recent games are much better); Ridge Racer 7: Buy. Fairly straightforward enough, but perhaps we’ll get someone who hated the first Resistance – is that you?

Pick a couple of games, and write what you think of them now. Be creative. But importantly, be honest: if you bought Def Jam Icon, admit it. We won’t point.

A list of the European launch line-up is here.



  1. Tried my best to hold off getting a PS3 at launch but Resistance and its huge online battles eventually won me over and I put down a pre-order for the console + game from Argos for about £460. One of the best decisions I ever made and Resistance1 still stands as one of my favourite FPS’ of all time. Nice(ish) visuals, awesome weapons, interesting storyline, co-op campaign, lag-free multiplayer. Overall it was a cracking game and worth every penny :)

    After taking a break from Resistance I tried out a few of the demos on the PSN store (remember how crap that store was?!). Most the demos were a bit “meh” but Motorstorm stood out and I picked up a copy of the full game shortly after. Brilliant visuals, impressive tracks (which dynamically changed as you carved them up), rocking sound track and, again, enjoyable online. It was lacking in content certainly but a tonne of fun nonetheless and these two games kept me occupied for several months (which was a good thing given how slow the PS3 release calendar was initially…)

  2. I picked up Resistance and Motorstorm with my 60GB PS3 for €700 at launch. I have to agree, they are still my favourites of each franchise.
    Another game i still love to dip into from time to time is thatgamecompany’s flow, which released about a week later. I took my PS3 around to my mates place and decided to put flow on briefly and handed him the sixaxis while he was standing, not expecting it to hold his(stalwart FPS player) interest for long ….twenty minutes later he was still standing because he was so engrossed he forgot to sit down! :)

  3. I picked up Resistance at launch which I enjoyed and actually finished having only finished about 3 games on ps1 and ps2 combined. I got FIFA 08 when it came out but that was several months after launch. I don’t believe I ever saw Fifa 07 released on the PS3 in the UK otherwise I’d have picked it up. I did buy F1 but not for a long time afterwards.

    My second game was actually Pirates of the Caribbean, which was a bit of a mistake but there was a real lack of games especially as I’m not a massive racing fan.. Motorstorm didn’t appeal to me, graphically it looked dull, Pacific Rift appealed to me a lot more.

    I didn’t really pick much up until the September/October after launch when the likes of Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted were released.

    I think I played a lot of demos like Super-Rub-a-Dub and GT at launch. I didn’t even buy anything other than a few PS1 games of the PSN for the first year.

  4. I bought my PS3 the day the 80 GB version came out and never actually owned any of the original launch titles. However, I did play them on my cousin’s PS3 (all except Ridge Racer 7) and enjoyed them all very much. Resistance was awesome in split screen.

  5. Didn’t get mine until Xmas ’07 after that first price cut, but picked up Motorstorm a couple of months later. Great game. The rubber banding was a bit of a pain, but it was such a fun racer that it brought back memories of Wipeout 2097 which was bundled with my PS1.

  6. FIFA 07 on PS3????

    • Im also confused by this, FIFA 08 was the first iteration on PS3 :s

  7. The only game I got on launch was Resistance and I loved it; I still think it is the best game in the series, especially for story.

  8. Loved Motorstorm,that was the game that showed off the ps3s potential i felt,loved Resistance DM,loved even more that it supported 64 players but was left wondering what the fuss was about in single player (fugly aliens and below par guns dogged the whole series imo).
    After a few cruddy multiplatform releases it became solely a bluray movie player right up until Mgs.Funny enough things i’ll remember it most for will be Bluray movies,cruddy multiplatform releases and Mgs.

    • below par guns? The guns are the reason Ive enjoyed every resistance game, it is its main selling point for me.

      • Yeah the tag gun being the only one that stands out now,i just thought it was a novelty.The real world based guns very much felt vanilla but suffered for not looking vanilla enough imo.
        It’s been a long time since i’ve played and i’m no big fps fan anyway,certainly no expert,this is just how i remember the games being.

  9. I bought my PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle.
    Then bought and still have them in my possession – Motorstorm, Uncharted, Resistance, Heavenly Sword and borrowed Call of Duty: World at War

  10. I didn’t buy it at launch as the PS3 was too expensive.

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