WeView: Just How Good Was The PS3’s Launch Line-up?

[videoyoutube]Bit of a change this week – Kris is away and I’m ignoring his moans about “polls” and “Metal Gear” – I’d like to look back (briefly) at the PlayStation 3’s (European) launch line-up, and switch WeView around a little.

Essentially: did you buy lots of day one games, and do you regret doing so or do you still hold them proudly in your game drawer?


Way back in March 2007, on some lonely rainy evening, I waited in line (in what was then a pretty big GameStation), splashing out well over £650 on stuff I didn’t really know much about.


It was enough to warrant a police escort to a taxi, which despite being in Glasgow, amused me no-end. It was midnight and the streets were filled with onlookers – what could possibly have happened?

There was some real trash out for launch, but there were some gems, too – Resistance, MotorStorm, Formula One Championship Edition and Ridge Racer 7 were all in my plastic bag, but I also picked up a couple of others, including Virtua Tennis.

And for those counting, the version of FIFA was ’07.

So who still owns Resistance, arguably the best in the series (the Manchester level is still a blast)? Who still likes making muddy mess in MotorStorm (again, arguably still right up there) and although there’s been a few Ridge Racers since 7, it’s still probably the most comprehensive version, and now runs in stereoscopic 3D (albeit at half the frame-rate).

We’d have to assume that each launch game is now a tenner, for the sake of this discussion. So, for me: Resistance: Buy; MotorStorm: Buy; Formula One: Avoid (recent games are much better); Ridge Racer 7: Buy. Fairly straightforward enough, but perhaps we’ll get someone who hated the first Resistance – is that you?

Pick a couple of games, and write what you think of them now. Be creative. But importantly, be honest: if you bought Def Jam Icon, admit it. We won’t point.

A list of the European launch line-up is here.



  1. PS3, resistance, virtua tennis and virtua fighter bundle from Gameplay, then added motorstorm and a HDMI cable to the order also… £618.93 on day one, that’s a little crazy now when I look back. Didn’t like virtua fighter, but I’d always used gameplay so bought the bundle. resistance was good and worth a buy, virtua tennis I wouldn’t now buy due to lack of trophies etc, but the game was great until recently. Motorstorm is still worth picking up. Virtua fighter as I said I didn’t like so it’s not really fair for me to comment. Also (rather stupidly) play.com tempted me on release day to get genji, just £17.99 for a new release on launch day?? I felt so conned, still not played it actually after trying the demo.

  2. My rating: skip it. That was me who didn’t like Resistance, I knew you’d find me some day. The game pace was simply not there and, for a plot driven FPS, characters where as plain as they could be. Visually it was stunning for its time, and I still think it holds up pretty well. But the game mechanics where not that interesting, at least for me. Now I beg my pardons, because I must get some cover to protect me from the incoming rain of rocks throw by Resistance fans :).

  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is still a cool game, somewhat overshadowed by it’s sequel these days but still good if you can find it cheap.

    and motorstorm is a classic.

  4. i bought my first PS3 from a friend and i think that was right before heavenly sword was out. got the launch games MotorStorm and Resistance FOM…
    loved motorstorm but only played it online about 3 times since i was totally new to online gaming back then!
    totally loved Resistance and i think it was my first FPS game! cleared the SP and was pretty good online!

    and i see that oblivion was a launch game (though delayed)!
    must have played that 1000+ hours!

    but i was really happy that i could play all my PS2 games on it, don’t think i would have survived without the good ol’ games!
    Resistance FOM=BUY

  5. I bought Call of Duty 3 and only played one level, it was boring, generic and the sixaxis support was awful. I also bought Resistance and think it is definitely better than the sequel (haven’t played 3 yet). I still have fond memories of that game and would suggest it to anyone.

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