LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Installs Failing, Error Code C2-12383-7

Although our review code (which was also a download) for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita worked just fine a few weeks back, we’re getting increasingly higher numbers of reports that the one that appeared on the Store today isn’t working quite as smoothly.

According to users, the download won’t install, kicking up an error code C2-12383-7.


It doesn’t appear to be everyone (at least from what I can see) but if you get the error, it’s unlikely to resolve itself, no matter how many times you re-download the 1.6GB game.

There’s also the chance that it shouldn’t have gone live until Friday, hence the error.

This happened previously with Tales From Space – in that case SCEE had to refund affected users, and then re-upload the game to the Store. Hopefully this won’t take quite as long to resolve, LBP is a hotly anticipated game.

We scored it a solid 8/10 in our review.



  1. Disgraceful, SCEE.

  2. Its not officially released till the 21st. Try again then.

    • Even so, the Store is taking people’s money. If it doesn’t work, it shouldn’t be up there.


      • Maybe its a preorder type thing?

        Or a mistake by the store dudes (yet another one!)

    • In UK sure, in rest of Europe it’s out today. I downloaded it from my Norwegian account, which was supposed to go live today, so release date doesn’t tell the entire picture.

  3. Guess that rules me out of splashing the cash tonight…

  4. only in the uk is the release on friday, for the rest of europe it’s today.

    another example of the scee QA departments high standards?

    minor bugs can delay a game for months and then they let stuff like this through that doesn’t work.

  5. I’ll give it a chance- if it doesn’t work I’m waiting until Friday anyway.

    I searched for it on Vita and found it.

    Just a question- has the PS3 store updated yet for anybody? Checked it at 10 to 10 and it still hadn’t updated here.

    • Please let us know if it works or not for you. If it’s only an issue for some, I’ll take the chance myself too…really want to play this game already! Cheers

      • I’ll let you know in approx. 134 minutes- unfortunately my internet connection is a bit slow. :(

      • Downloaded and got error code :( Was so excited when I saw it on the store a day and a bit early. Now I wish I’d waited.

        Looking at the blog comments for the store updates its also occurring in the territories that were due to get it today.

        The ‘special edition’ bit on the store means you automatically get the two pre-order bonuses as separate downloads also.

      • No luck I’m afraid.

        Here’s my screenshots:

        Oh well, figured it was worth a try at least, back to waiting very impatiently.

      • According to comments on the blog, (at least some) copies of LBP that were bought in the last hour or so are working now.

        I’m fairly sure they’ve already swapped out the broken file for the new one judging by the store thinking I haven’t bought LBP anymore

        It’s still in my downloads list though, I’m going to give that one a go although I think it’s the same broken file I already tried.

    • No mate my psn still hasn’t updated,very strange!

    • Store still to update for me.

  6. Darn… Call of Duty and Fifa breaking the store once again *sighs*

    The stores all borked inputs barely work for me so I suppose that currently SCEE is having issues.

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