Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 Announced For PS Vita

Tecmo have just announced Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 for PlayStation Vita. It’s assumed this is an enhanced, expanded edition of Ninja Gaiden 2, just as the first Sigma Plus was with the first Ninja Gaiden when it launched alongside the Vita in Europe.

No other details are forthcoming, except that the game is out early 2013.


Dan reviewed the first game, scoring it a great 8/10.



  1. Oh. Oh well, at least it’s something for Vita. Yays!

  2. There’s another game named Ninja Gaiden Z? thats more interesting than another freaking port.

  3. Must actually play the first game at some point.

    The way it’s described, every other gamer has.

    • Don’t worry your not alone.

    • I’d just say this from my experience, its harder than Dark Souls. Hehe, good game but very tough.

  4. I’ll have to pass. I will wait for the PS7 remake, in 2035…

  5. Hope it’s uncensored this time…
    I sold my first Sigma the moment I realised that it was Censored (the European Version) and I didn’t buy the second for the same reason.

    I also didn’t buy the 3rd, but it was for more obvious reasons this time…

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