PlayStation Mobile Gets Release Date

PlayStation Mobile, the cross-platform software range that includes the ability to play new games on PS Vita and lots of Android devices, will go live on October 3rd.

We exclusively revealed one PS Mobile a little while back – Slidin’ Beats – but there’s lots of others to look forward to from plenty of big name developers and indies.


PS Mobile will have its own place in the PlayStation Store.



  1. Cool, hopefully some nice projects spawn from this.

  2. My Sony Tablet S is looking forward to this.

  3. Really hope this blossoms into something beautiful. Me and my Vita could have a much closer relationship. Spend more time with one another. Really get to know each other, you know? Right now she’s only being used at night, I want to spend all day with her. Whenever I feel down, I want her to be there. To laugh with, to love, to cry with. Wait… what were we talking about again?

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