Uncharted 3 Getting A GotY Re-Release

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, one of our favourite PS3 games, is getting a re-release with loads of extra content thrown in, at least in the US.

The new version will be called “Game Of The Year Edition” and will include stacks of DLC from the issues since release, including 12 multiplayer maps, 40 new skins, Fort Co-op adventure and Shade survival mode.


It’ll be bundled with the new PS3 if you go for the 250GB version, otherwise it’ll also be available at retail for – again these are US prices until SCEE wake up – $40.

Uncharted 3 recently updated with lots of competitive content.



  1. Thats a pretty good price assuming it will convert to around £30 for us

  2. According to Amaxon it’s out here Friday 21st September at £24.99.

    • Yeah, it was announced for EU a looooong time ago.

  3. I have the hong kong edition. But after this they released a ton of new dlc, asking this edition seem a bit premature!

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