First Forza Horizon DLC Details Emerge

Forza Horizon’s design director, Ralph Fulton, has revealed Playground Games’ DLC plans for their upcoming racer.

From day one, we’re going to be launching a car pack every month. There’s going to be five cars per pack and really just reflecting cool new things in the automotive world.

What we’re really excited about is some expansion packs we have coming, the first of which will launch on December 18th and that will really extend the experience you can have in Forza Horizon. We can’t share any details on that now but we’ll talk more about that after launch.

So the much loved car packs return to keep things feeling fresh, but what could the expansion packs contain? With the game’s open-world nature, the option to add new areas could keep players coming back longer after launch.


The first expansion is due to hit Xbox LIVE on December 18th.

Source: GamerZines