PlayStation Mobile Games To Start At $2 (And Go Up To $20) – Without Trophies?

I’m a big fan of PlayStation Mobile – the cross platform service will hopefully mean lots of indie and big name games coming to PS Vita and a variety of Android phones and tablets, which is definitely a very good thing.


However, it’s my opinion that in order to grab some of the market so skilfully cornered by the likes of Apple and Google, the games need to be cheap and they need to hook into some key PlayStation Network functionality.

By cheap, I’m meaning free (or 69p/$0.99) and by PSN, I mean trophies.

It looks like neither of the two are going to happen – at least at first – with the PlayStation Blog proclaiming that games will range from $2 to $20 (seriously?) and there’s been no mention of the Network outside of a cursory nod at Gamescom.

Trophies, as we’ve seen with their absence from the minis platform, are crucial to attracting core PlayStation gamers wanting to improve on their RPG-esque trophy count, but they don’t appear to be making the cut.

If trophies are going to end up in PlayStation Mobile, Sony are (confusingly) keeping very quiet about it. My guess (or hope) is that trophies are planned for a future update.

PlayStation Mobile launches on October 3rd, when you’ll be able to pick from a decent range of launch titles including – hopefully – Futurlab’s Slidin’ Beats. The full release of the development kit launches in November, too, so for $99 you’ll be able to join the program and make your own games.



  1. I think the $2 price point is good. It’s better to start higher with the option of going lower if there’s demand from developers, rather than having the $1 price at the start and end up with what is frankly quite a broken pricing structure on iOS. Everything’s either $1 or free, it feels like.

    Not fussed about trophies personally, I just want games to run at native resolution!

    • Well, how about $2 for a game that’s currently $1 on iOS? I know that the iOS market has screwed itself over but that’s just the way it is.

      I think.

      But yeah, native resolution would be nice…

      • I’d be happy with that, personally. A dollar more isn’t much to ask, and most of these games have more expensive iPad versions alongside anyway.

      • & work on any certified device not bad really.

  2. I think you’re putting way to much hope in this, seems like a huge white elephant to me.

    • Same here, fella. I want it to succeed but just can’t see a way.

  3. So minis in all but name then?

  4. agree about the trophies maybe 10 max per game would have been nice.

  5. So does Mobile force the developers into a multiplatform release? I can’t imagine that would be so popular for keeping costs down.

    • They only have to implement to a single platform (the PS Mobile SDK), but the game is then automatically supported on all certified devices.

  6. $2 is too high.

    The reason iPhone games sell is that 69p is the ‘impulse buy’ price

    • Too low for many to turn a profit though.

      Some obvious exceptions of course, but the vast majority don’t sell enough.

  7. I don’t care about the trophies but i do wish that every game i invest time in could be reflected in my overall ‘gamerscore’. I spent the last month playing mostly minis and psp games on my Vita, so it doesn’t really matter too much when the games are engaging and fun to play.
    Price point seems fine to me, i expect we’ll have a lot less of the crud that bogs down the Apple store for starters. Also we won’t have any of those advert-laden lite apps.
    I don’t see PS Mobile as a rival for the App Store, rather as a way that i can access something similar as a complement to my regular Vita gaming. I’m hoping that there will be other apps besides games but there hasn’t been much mention of that so we’ll see.

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