PSN Store Still Not Updated, “Double Dragon” Locked As A Demo

[drop2]The PlayStation Store has still not been updated in Europe.

However if you use the search function then you can access this week’s content – although be warned it sounds like there are some startling issues with doing so.


Anyone purchasing LittleBigPlanet PS Vita might find themselves unable to play it, and some people are saying they’ve been charged for attempted re-downloads.

And the new Double Dragon game appears to be locked in demo mode.

However, by searching, I have found Jet Set Radio, Damage Inc and £57.99’s worth of SSX so it looks like it’s just the ‘New this week’ page that has not been updated, although this does seem like a catalogue of errors. Again.

Rather oddly, one item has been updated on the ‘This Week’ page as the latest Access video, number 49, can be downloaded.

Hopefully Sony will sort things out quickly, and refund those who have made purchases for games that simply don’t work. According to some users, Sony Australia aren’t issuing refunds.

Sony have this morning let us know that the version of LBP Vita on the Store should now work properly, although you’ll need to download.



  1. even by scee’s poor standards this has been a bad week.

    • Possibly the worst week yet.

  2. Appauling stuff really, its not like these things are one offs, there are multiple issues week in week out, and no one from SCEE has the balls to explain what the issues are.

    One thing I know for certain is that next gen cant come quick enough for me now, and after almost a decade of being a loyal Sony customer I am afraid that i will be jumping ship, most probably to the the next box, or the rumoured valve system if that comes.

    Sony, your exclusives are not enough to keep me with you anymore, you dropped the ball big time and it is going to cost you dearly, I am sure I am not the only person with this opinion either.

    • I quit Sony 14 days ago. I had enough of SCEE not giving CS and still not here – gone xbox n PC now, miss all my friends though. But enough is enough! Sony needs a new eu team

      • You could have created a US account and bought CS from the SCEA store as a last resort.
        Although as you hint at there does seem to be a regular non-work ethic of apathy these days where the EU store is concerned.

  3. They should give Auditorium HD away for free as a way of saying sorry….(I can always hope)

    • Putting that one on the EU store for people to actualy access would be a good start!

  4. Wow! Two days and counting after SCEA’s successful store update :%

  5. No refunds for a product that doesn’t work? Sounds like small claims court might be busy this week.

    • Sounds like Lionel hutz attorney at large is going to be busy. 8)

  6. how many times have they put demos up as full games?

    even chimps can learn not to do something they’re not supposed, why can’t scee?

    • If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

      • I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here?

  7. I wonder if they have a sign in their office saying “00 Days 34 mins since the last [email protected] up”?

    • With the batteries removed from the clock :P

    • They have but the sign actually doesn’t even display days since it’s not needed…

    • nah, it says how many seconds and it only has space for three numbers. ^_^

  8. Time for SCEE to get a new hamster and wheel.

    • wow, they’ve discovered the invention of the wheel?
      that is a step up. ^_^

      • Yes, all they need to do now is invent the hamster…

      • Don’t give them ideas! The last thing we need is for them to start messing around with splicing and genetics. Imagine what monsters they could unleash on us.*screams in horror then runs away in horror*

  9. That Access epsiode (049) is last week’s episode anyway!
    It was late going up too…

    • Oh was it? Sorry im a bit behind had no internet for a month :)

      • A month?! In internet terms that’s forever. But yeah, 49 was last week.

  10. Congratulations to see on ruining the launch of the most warmly received Vita game yet.
    Little Big Planet’s store rating now sits at just 2 stars and falling…

    • Heh, autocorrect ruining a comment again. *SCEE

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