Rumour: Half Life 3 To Be Open World

Valve, currently about to take the living room by storm with some kind of hybrid game controller, are also going to make Half Life 3 open world.

That’s the rumour coming out of Europe today, with JournalDuGamer reporting that they’ve not only got insider information on one of gaming’s most tightly guarded projects, but that they’re also going to share that info.


According to Google Translate, the next in the Half Life series will be open world, with lots of action but with “many RPG elements” including quests and detailed NPCs, with Skyrim as an apparent source of information.

Do we believe the rumours? More importantly, do you?



  1. Nope. Can’t be bothered to invest emotions into this as it’s just going to end in tears. I think most of us have learnt, years ago, that we let Valve get on with it and we’ll enjoy what they have to offer when they’re good and ready. In the meantime, we play everyone else’s games. :-)

  2. Maybe I’m late to the party but I didn’t even know that Half-Life 3 has even been announced.

    • It hasn’t just that’s it’s been heavily rumoured to come out forever now.

  3. I think I’d still prefer a ‘straight’ FPS in Half Life 3. It’s the story that makes the game and open world games do tend to lose something in pacing.

    I’d rather they did a new game (even if it was in the HL universe) that was open world and keep HL3 in the established form.

  4. Yes…. of course they are…. Google translate seems to have mistranslated something into ‘Open World’ when it should really have been ‘openly vapourware’

  5. A PC game controller wouldn’t even generate a small breeze let alone a tornado. in my living room.

  6. Maybe HL3 will come after Episode 3, which is supposed to feature a boat and some snow right? Maybe it is open world, in the Arctic, with thousands of miles of white to explore and only a crowbar to do it with? I’ll not pretend I’m any good at starting rumors or being amusingly facetious, back to my hole I guess.

  7. i don’t believe it.
    for one, it would require streaming game data, which is something valve don’t seem to be able to manage.

  8. As long as it doesn’t have crap tonnes of platforming and physics games it might be worth a look.
    No news on a new kingpin then?Redneck Rampage?…damn:/

  9. I hybrid controller wouldn’t make a slightest movement in my living room. PS3 controller all the way please.

    Any rumours that say they have insider information, I never believe, whether they come true or not, I just cant be bothered with wild rumours or shit Google translate.

  10. I just felt a little piece of myself die.

    • Thankfully ofcourse, it’s just a rumour.

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