Sony Developer On The Last Guardian: “It Exists”

Apparently, against all odds and popular thought, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian is still alive, well, and coming to PlayStation 3. At least, that’s according to a Sony developer, preferring to remain anonymous, speaking to Kotaku from the Tokyo Game Show this week.

It’s not exactly comforting vernacular, though, as the unnamed individual could only really confirm that they are “working on it” and that, slightly amusingly, he added that “I give you my word that it exists” – which is nice.


It’s still being developed in Japan, for the current console generation, and is a “very ambitious project” with “lots of pieces of the puzzle. It’s a matter of getting them to fit together.”

The Last Guardian was first revealed some years ago after an early concept video was leaked onto the internet. Since then, bad news has surrounded the project.



  1. Overambitious, perhaps.

  2. Lets hope it’s nothing like duke forever, need I say more..

    • Wholeheartedly agree. Don’t think Team Ico will be putting minigames into this one where you can use poo to write on walls. Though I’m guessing that’s not quite what you meant! ;)

  3. i’m kinda starting to think of The Last Guardian as an abstract noun.

  4. *sees anothor TLG is alive article and then goes back to watching random Red Dwarf and Fresh Prince of Bel Air clips on Youtube*

    I’m starting to not care because they keep saying it’s still alive every few weeks(or it feels like it of late). Just get on with it and if need be, have it as a PS4 launch title. I wonder how much of the game is coded? I suspect 30%.

    • Thing is, it’s probably still producing quite the number of click-throughs which is why the media are running these stories. The development of the game has been shrouded in any number of mysterious adjectives.

      Just sit back, breathe deeply and remember how much you enjoyed Dragon Age 2 to keep your mind off of things.

  5. I think they are just delaying it for PS4.

  6. I was told that Santa existed once.

    I won’t mention how that turned out for the sake of spoilers.

    • You can sit on my knee if you want and I promise to give you something.

      • I fell for that one once before – The contents of his sack were NOT what i was expecting.

      • Mike, aren’t your required by law to actually wear some trousers as well as banned from having any form of lube? Plus, Hanny may feel a bit left if Forrest sits on your knee.

      • Hello Mr Other Knee! Double win!

      • I can’t imagine being invaded by anything the size of a knee, I just can’t.

      • *imagines Mike invading Forrest with his knee* ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHY DID I IMAGINE THAT!? *goes into therapy for the next century*

        He gave you a present instead of violating you Forrest?! :O

      • Same difference.

  7. I’m really thinking ps4, as we have no details on story or what the game will actually be about other than a large animal. No proper concept I’m aware of. Even if released next year, it’s looking like they would rush the final stages to get it done, and would it fare well as a ‘twilight years’ ps3 title?

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