GTA V Release Date – Likely Not Until May 2013

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is not likely to see a release until May 2013.

Overnight Take 2 had their investor meeting where financials are the subject du jour, and whilst Borderlands 2 was mentioned in full, GTA V was only really discussed in terms of development and the start of some marketing – you’ll no doubt fondly remember the hotly discussed screenshots that are starting to trickle out.


The company’s Dan Emerson did talk about delayed games (presumably Bioshock Infinite, which has seen at least one recent postponement) but GTA V was the only game that wasn’t discussed in terms of a release date, which suggests that it’s not likely to be coming out before the end of April 2013, this financial year. There’s little chance of a 2012 release, anyway.

GTA IV saw a few delays, most famously one just before it was originally meant to be coming out, so chances are either Take 2 are wanting to avoid a similar story this time or – just as likely – Rockstar’s long running development on the game is proving difficult to judge.

Whenever it releases, GTA V will be massive, but the longer it goes until release, the more it’ll be squaring up against the ongoing next generation of consoles…



  1. Am I the only person that thinks it will be a next-gen game? Think about it; the trailer had no platforms mentioned at the end, the screenshots look way too good to be on current consoles (I know it’s on a development PC but still, they won’t look next to near that good on current gen consoles) especially for a game that’s open world. And now this, news that it most likely won’t be out until May 2013.
    All the game releases stop after April/ May. Literally all of them. Fair enough, GTA V could be current gen, but I highly doubt it.

    Just my theory though :P

    • If it’s a May launch, platform specifics may not be finalised. As for the shot’s, as you say they’ll be on a high-end development PC, so will be some-what near what the game can be like if you have a simmilar-spec machine not a console; I mean if you were developing a game, would you show achievable PC screens, or achievable console screens? I’d go for the prettys.

      • I know you would show the prettys but that PC s probably extremely powerful, the screenshots look as good, if not better, than Max Payne 3. And this game is open world? Not a chance of it being this gen. No open world would look that good on current gen, the only reason MP3 looked stunning was because it was in set levels. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

      • Will most likely be 720p on comsoles if they’ve done their job well enough, and the size doesn’t really matter as it doesn’t load all the map at once. It will hit this generation, that beig said, it might be being built for next too, for release on both.
        I could also be totally wrong, we’ll see.

    • So it will be a PC only release in 2013? I doubt it, it’ll just get pirated the crap out of.

      • I doubt it as Rockstar don’t like to develop exclusive content i think plus having it being PC only is probably not worthwhile as opposed to it being multiplat due to the console market being bigger then the PC market. They would probably get a decent amount of sales but it would be pirated a lot.

  2. Doubt they’d do it for both as it would be a useful way to get gamers to upgrade to next gen (as if we needed an excuse)

  3. Not really much of a surprise having a release for next year, at least it won’t have been rushed released with a HIGHER possibility of it being bug ridden and broken. That is assuming it is a current Gen title, which is the most likely scenario in my opinion.

  4. Rockstar tends to release one game per year so it is most likely GTA5 will be released either next year or the year afterwards. Hopefully, we will see more gameplay footage in the next 7 months. They’ve gotten Max Payne 3 out of the way so in theory, they should be able to commit more resources to GTA5. Hopefully, it won’t include any relatives that phone you up every 5 minutes to see if you want to go bowling and cause you to die due to it being in the middle of a gunfight!

  5. I wouldn’t say GTAV will be squaring up against the next generation of consoles so much as they’ll be squaring up against it. The GTA brand is that powerful.

    • Exactly.
      The franchise is that big that it wouldn’t surprise me if the current plans of Sony and Microsoft were based around it! :D

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