Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Open Worlds Will Have No Loading Times

The massively ambitious (and decidedly next-generation) Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will have open worlds – we already knew that – but it’s emerged from the Tokyo Game Show that navigating these areas will be loading screen free.


It’s not clear how large these ‘worlds’ are, of course, but the section seen in the video so far is just a prologue, and the other sections will be much bigger.

The only times we’ll see a loading screen – apparently – are when we’re in a helicopter, presumably a device used to transport the player from one open world area to another. It’s not going to be like GTA, where it’s one massive consistent playing space, but lots of smaller ones.

There’s also a concept of time in the game, although we’ll have to wait and see what that means exactly. Sounds nice, though, doesn’t it?



  1. “decidedly next-generation” – Kojima has said that the PC it’s currently running off is very akin to 360/PS3 specs. It’s entirely possible that this could be very late this gen, though things may change of course.

    • Definitely not “next gen”. Unless “next gen” has the same hardware of “this gen”. I have a real next gen PC with an i7 and GTX 680 super overclocked. This looks really good, don’t get me wrong, but I know next gen and this is no next gen.

    • It’s a shame that these kinds of devs don’t do more work with PC gaming, because these people are really good at making good looking games with old hardware. I can only imagine what they’d do with proper current gen stuff.

  2. i wonder if that means it’ll have a mandatory install.
    though Infamous didn’t need one, did it?
    i don’t think it did. o_O

    i don’t know about the sequel, i only ever had the download version.

  3. Ahh fellas, you dont understand Kojima like i do. Remember the loading screens before every chapter in MGS4? They we so long we had to wait while watcing Snake burn through a truckload of cigarettes. I thought he was going to die of cancer right before my eyes it took that long.

    These are the loading screens we are being told about. I guess we’ll have to put on a cuppa when we get to the chopper eh.. ;)

    • Haha, very good point!

      “And here we have the NEW METAL GEAR, with absoloutly NO LOADING SCREENS!!

      but NO loading screens in game AT ALL!!!

    • Did you say ‘Get to the chopper’?, surely you meant ‘GET TO DA CHUPPA!’

    • @Laselta. Those were not loading screens. They were actually installs. The latest patch (that added trophies) got rid of them and introduced one big install at the start.

  4. Open worlds?

    Do they mean open planned levels then?

    • It means not open, just looks like it.

  5. Dont all open world games not have loading screens?

    • …as long as you don’t enter a building in Skyrim…

  6. I still reckon it’s this generation, watch that trailer again and look for the absence of shadows and footprints. No loading times is great, filling those odd gaps between areas with something meaningful made MGS4 that bit more involving.

  7. Hopefully Kojima has filled up the PS3 Blu-ray’s 50GB space so that means a lot of disc swapping for the Xbox ‘DVD’ 360 owner, poor souls LoL:D

    • Oh the poor sods, having to get up to switch a disc once or twice. Kojima is a cruel barsteward. You do realise if he has done that, we will have to wait 3 hours for the fecker to install then another hour for the intro cutscene.

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