GTA III Arrives On PS3 This Week

Following rumours last week, PlayStation have confirmed that Rockstar’s sublime, genre defining classic Grand Theft Auto III will arrive on PlayStation 3 this week.


The version we’ll be getting won’t be the improved version that arrived on iOS recently (see the video above for how different it looks) though – it’s purely the PS2 version ported over. It’s more expensive, too – probably translating to about £6.99 when it lands in the UK.

But, it’ll have the original controls, something Rockstar tried to emulate on the iPhone (but didn’t entirely succeed) and regardless, it’s still an amazing game to play through. DMA Design worked wonders with streaming that huge open world, and it’s a truely brilliant sandbox game.



  1. It best be free my vita has better graphics than this lol… I never played any GTA games besides San Andreas loved the west coast themed that was the main attraction.

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