02 Launches Free Wi-fi For Everyone In The UK

O2 have announced they are to provide free Wi-fi to everyone in the UK, not just O2 customers.

A quick scan of the FAQ reveals you can use the Wi-fi with pretty much any device, phones, iPads, PCs, Kindles and even PSPs. There is no mention of PlayStation Vita but if the PSP works then the Vita should do as well.


O2 say the service is totally free, ‘Not ‘sign up, give us your card details and we won’t start charging until you’ve forgotten you signed up in the first place’ free. We mean free-free. No contracts, no surprise charges.’

O2 will have 14,000 hotspots available by April 2013, at the moment coverage is a bit patchy, you can check for your nearest hotspot using this handy tool.

For more information click here.

What a nice way to end Tuesday, well done O2.

Source: O2 Wifi



  1. Yep. Awesome.

    • My bus journey home seems to be covered, going to try it out on the way home.

  2. Awesome.. and so it begins!

  3. Nearly every point in my area is at a McDonald’s lol

    • The only area that isnt McDonalds for me is an O2 shop lol.

  4. Pub chains, McDonalds, o2 shops and coffee shops?
    Good stuff

    Just had a look where they might make money from it and it seems they charge businesses to host o2WiFi who are then free to build on that by having branded login pages, the ability to send personalised messages (ads) to devices and other stuff.

    Good for users to have more competition, but don’t forget plenty of chains provide free WiFi via The Cloud already, whether it’s pubs, restaurants, fast food, train stations, even Greggs, it’s pretty hard to avoid being able to connect to a Cloud point that the venue pays for already, having competition from o2 will help blanket WiFi coverage in town & city centres.

  5. This now shows the disadvantage of living in rural North Wales;; the hotspot within 15 miles of me is a McDonald’s which already has free Wi-fi!

    • Ditto and I live in the midlands.

  6. Will they text you adverts?

    • Looked at the business side of the process and it’s not free to them but it does give them the ability to push ‘messages’ to users

      • And via a login page too, so presumably they’ll be marketing related to that for people who don’t untick boxes etc

    • Apperently you get added to their list but you can easily opt out. I *HATE* text adverts.

  7. 9.5 miles away for me :-(

  8. From what i can see from my postcode if there is a mcdonalds or a O2 shop you can use there wifi

  9. Ah, they’re taking the edge off a lack of 4G for the iPhone 5. Cunning swines. :-p

  10. Very nice.

    Would love a similar service in Ireland.

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