3D Realms Reappears With Earth No More

3D Realms, the developer that created the likes of Duke Nukem, has seemingly made a return after closing its doors three years ago. The company is listed as being tied to a project called ‘Earth No More’, which is listed on the new crowd funding site Gambitious.

The game’s description describes the story as being set during a period which could lead to an environmental apocalypse. Not much else is really known about the title, with a funding goal yet to be announced. However, Eurogamer has claimed that a source from Gambitious has said the project is a collaboration between 3D Realms and a yet unnamed developer.


Earth No More was originally a project that was in development by 3D Realms prior to the studio’s original closure, but was surrounded in controversy due to  apparent copyright infringement and cancelled due to financial concerns. More information is expected once the funding effort goes live.

Source: Gambitious