“Silent Hill Book Of Memories” Demo Coming Tomorrow For PS Vita

Konami have just announced that they’re releasing a free playable demo for Silent Hill: Books of Memories for the PS Vita, tomorrow.

“The exclusive, single-player taster of the first Silent Hill title for the Sony handheld, features the first two zones from the game and a battle against the game’s Fire Boss,” says the press release.


The demo will let players pick from one of two characters, and use a selection of weapons against a few baddies from latter stages of the full game.



  1. It reminds me of a dungeon crawler, a genre I like. So I’ll try it out.

  2. Itll be good to try it. Theres not been a good vita demo since gravity rush

  3. Well done Konami.

  4. Demos are always a good idea. Now what do I delete to make space for it….

  5. Great, i’ll give it a go!

  6. for all my criticism of the game, it does look fun, it’s just not silent hill as far as i’m concerned.
    i could see me playing it when i do get a Vita.

  7. Didn’t realise it was coming out soon, since Konami have been screwing around with the release dates, will download if I can free up some damn space!

  8. Great, Vita really needs more demos of the big games.

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