The Curious Case Of The Missing PS Vita Games

According to the ever reliable Wikipedia there are 72 games either released or in production for the PlayStation Vita. Some of them have vanished, some of them have had their release date moved and a couple don’t even exist yet (looking at you, Bioshock).

So, we have scoured the planet to try and locate some of the Vita games that have gone AWOL, starting with the rather curious but completely off the radar Broken:

Broken – Status: Missing In Action

A trailer for this game appeared when the Vita was still named the NGP so it’s been missing in action for rather a long time. The hive mind of the internet seems to think the game was to be developed and released by Sony but when we contacted them they said it was not on their books.

TAG – Status: Work In Progress

TAG looks like a rather fun augmented reality game, well, fun for those of us in large cities with plenty of Vita gamers, those of you living out in the wild lands of the countryside are unlikely to find a tag on a passing cow.

The good news from Sony when we asked them about the game is that the title is still in development and will be released at some point in the future.

Doctor Who – Status: Missing In Action

The Doctor was due to materialise on PlayStation Vita on June 13th, three weeks after the PS3 version. June 13th came and went without a release, but instead we got a statement from BBC Worldwide, ‘The Vita version is undergoing additional testing and will be slightly delayed to ensure we deliver the best version for Doctor Who fans.

Three months later and the Doc seems to have been trapped in a temporal schism and is nowhere to be found. We contacted both the BBC and developers, Supermassive Games, but neither has responded at the time of publication.

The PS3 version (which the trailer above is for) was criticised for numerous technical problems but has recently received a patch that ‘addresses bugs, AI issues and adds new save locations.’

Final Fantasy X HD – Status: Work In Progress

Announced at the 2011 Tokyo game show the game was originally slated for a 2012 release to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy X.

You will be totally unsurprised to hear that like most Final Fantasy games it has been delayed. In July the director of  Final Fantasy XIII-2, Motomu Toriyama, told Famitsu, “Regarding HD conversions, there is a lot to look into, so please wait a bit more.”

We dutifully contacted Square Enix for an update on the game but received the standard ‘not talking about it at this time’ response.

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath – Status: Work In Progress

Good news from Oddworld, ‘We’re still working on Stranger’s Wrath HD for Vita,’ said a lovely chap from Just Add Water, ‘We’ve got our heads down and want to deliver the best game we can. We recently started QA on the title, and expect to be finished within the month.’

The trailer above is for the PS3 version.

Silent Hill Book Of Memories – Status: Due for release October 2012

“Released Spring 2012!” says the horribly out of date official site from Konami but we know that’s not true as in May the game was delayed until October.

Since then we’ve seen a new trailer for E3 and a bunch of screenshots published for Gamescom so it looks like the game is on track for launch next month.

Spy Hunter – Status: Due for release 30th October

“Spy Hunter is back in action and ready for a new era!” exclaims the text on YouTube, ‘Jump behind the wheel of the infamous G-6155 Interceptor Supercar and take on your most dangerous mission yet – on Land, over Water and Off-Road.’

To be fair this game has never really been missing, it’s just never really been on anybody’s radar. There’s probably a reason for that.

Putty Squad– Status: Due for release October 2012

This game has been on my radar since it was announced, a HD remake of the glorious Amiga original.  The release date has been slipping and is now set for October but the team have been making good use of the time.

The Vita version was to be a straight port of the PS3 version but now will come with a host of extra content. Online leader boards, Time trials, regular DLC, a touch screen map mode and location based services which unlock exclusive levels have been promised.

The final release date for the game has yet to be confirmed, we contacted System 3 for an update but have yet to receive a reply.

Malicious Rebirth – Status:  Unknown

This game has been released on PS3 in Japan, Europe and North America. Malcious Rebirth (as it is known) for PlayStation Vita will be playable at the upcoming Tokyo game show and is scheduled for release in Japan this year.

No announcement has been made concerning a western release but considering Sony published the PS3 game in Europe then it’s possible we will get the Vita version as well.

Soul Sacrifice – Staus: Delayed

Created by ex-Capcom chappy Keiji Inafune the game was meant to be out this year but recently he took to the stage at TGS to announce his team ‘need more time’.

The game is now scheduled for a Spring 2013 release, along with every other game in the entire universe, which is a bit of a shame.

Did we miss any?



  1. Ruin? Although I’m sure that a much-publicised game such as that will only have encountered a short delay. Still strange to see Sony not talking about it…

    • Ruin was rebranded a while back to be Warrior’s Lair. Since then, though, it’s gone back underground…

      • Ah crap yeah, I keep getting the names mixed up! Still, would love to hear SOMETHING about it from Sony…

  2. I feel quite let down by the Vita. The current state of things is now what I expected. It is relatively untouched. The only reason it isn’t covered in dust is because I bought a case for it ;). I honestly don’t think I will buy another Sony handheld.

    • *not what I expected

    • U the only one mate, I disagree. There quite a few games out there for it, u can’t have played all or say they not your type, the vita makes not your type be your type lol. I mean LBP, sound shapes, can’t think on top of my head

      • Don’t get me wrong… This is my personal opinion and I personally feel let down. I expected a lot more. Currently I have a few like unit13, Frobisher etc, uncharted, MSG hd, and mortal kombat. I have zero interest in LBP. The COD looks utter pants. nothing else really interests me. Again this is my opinion as to why I feel let down by the Vita.

        And I’m not the only one.

      • Ok fair enough, I had no zero interest in LBP played the first on ps3 but didn’t see the hype but still bought the vita version & I personally recommend it, it’s more fun & suited for the vita & easy to play & create.

        Anyway there is games coming October assassin creed, FIFA etc you tried rayman, gravity rush these are ace games

    • Meh, Vita doesn’t have its Monster Hunter, Dissida or GT yet basically games that get you hooked that would get you keep coming back.

      At least Fifa isn’t built from a crappy PS2 engine these days so awful on Psp

  3. I never knew about most of these games till now, I’m looking forward to soul sacrifice, I like the look of malicious rebirth has that gravity rush feel to it & can’t wait for odd strangers wrath

    What about retro city rampage, smart As, zone of Enders?

    • All those three are hardly missing – they’re out soon.

  4. I recently watched JAW do a short livestream with Vita gameplay of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. They said it would run in native Vita resolution, which is awesome! I’m not entirely sure but I think it will even be free for people who own Stranger’s Wrath on the PS3, which would make it even sweeter. They recently released the game on Steam and everyone who owned the original Stranger’s Wrath got the HD update for free. I bought the Odd Box with most of the Oddworld games during a sale for 2,50€ so getting the HD version of Stranger’s Wrath for no additional charge is a very generous move in my books.
    Needless to say I’m madly in love with JAW and Oddworld Inhabitants. Not only do they make great games/remakes, they also love their fans.

    • That would be almost too generous an offer for people that were given Strangers Wrath for free with Playstation Plus……..that’s not to say that it wouldn’t be an suberb gift for free on the Vita ;)
      It’d probably make some people feel almost greedy for accepting such an excellent game for free after the Plus giveaway.

      • I also doubt that would happen – Purely for the fact that the giveaway KeRaSh mentioned above was for owners of the standard copy of the game (so could be seen as an ‘upgrade’ of sorts).

        I highly doubt that those with HD copies would get another for free. Besides, i am sure JAW want to make SOME money, so giving it away for free to all plussers who already got the first one for free doesn’t really sound like an attractive proposition in terms of profit!

      • Stranger on Vita is NOT free for PS3 owners.

      • Good to hear ;)

      • Not good to hear… After playing through the game twice and getting my platinum trophy I probably won’t buy it another time to play it on the Vita considering I also own the PC version… However, I do understand they have to make some money. :) I just throught this would be a great way to tempt even more people into buying the game. Didn’t realize PS+ users got it for free.

  5. I had no idea FFX was going to the Vita! That would be lovely!

  6. Thanks, you’ve made my day by telling me that “Silly Putty” or whatever it ends up being called is coming out on the vita, loved that game on the Amiga – completely bonkers power ups included (was it this or Wizkid that had the organ player?). This together with Robocod will keep my Vita happy for a while.

  7. Have you tried calling them and shaking a bag of food for the missing vita games?
    It works for my cat. 8)

    • Haha, that might work.
      Although I wasn’t aware that Tiddles 2 the sequel was due for release this quarter :P

  8. Would really love to play Final Fantasy X on Vita, I’ll be buying Stranger’s Wrath for my Vita as it is one of my favourite games.

  9. I was looking at the Vita section of a Gamestop store recently and the game shelves were very barren looking considering the amount of time it’s been available.

    I really wanted one at launch but it was the the right decision (for me) to hold out. I have no doubt things will improve but it’s been anything but a good post launch.

  10. Its not just the general lack of games that worries me but some of what we’ve been getting. Lego Batman 2 on Vita was less than fun than a couple of levels on the Xbox. Makes me fear what the Lego LOTR is going to be like.

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