Two Free To Play The Hobbit Titles Coming Soon

Warner Bros Interactive has announced that they will be releasing two free to play Hobbit titles, which have been developed by Kabam.

‘The Hobbit: Kingdoms Of Middle Earth’ will release on various mobile devices, and will allow players to build and maintain their own kingdoms in Middle Earth, and being able to interact with other players. ‘The Hobbit: Armies of The Third Age’ will be available to play through web browsers, and players will control an army and the game itself will feature “fast paced strategic combat.”


Kabam CEO, Kevin Chou said:

The Hobbit films are among the most anticipated entertainment launches of all time.Kabam’s unique ability to blend the art of game design and the science of free-to-play distribution makes us a natural fit to partner with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to deliver thrilling games via the Web and mobile devices for The Hobbit film fans around the world.”

Players can sign up for the ‘Armies Of The Third Age’ now by going here.

Source: Press Release



  1. No thanks. They both sound like they’ll be laden with continual purchases.

    • you could probably play them for free, for about half an hour a day. ^_^

  2. This could be good, unless they make it so you have to pay to unlock the 13 dwarfs ha ha.

  3. As devised by Gollum?.. “what’s it got in it’s pocketses”..

  4. No thanks.

    So this mean there’ll be no Two Towers or Return of the King style awesome Hobbit action game?

    • we might see something next year, the LOTR games didn’t really start appearing till the second movie.

  5. But i’m a Hobbit, i want to build and maintain my own Hobbit hole and control the growth of vegetables in my garden!

  6. I was really interested about this until it clicked……F2P….no thanks.

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